Saturday, August 9, 2008

Here we go.....

Ahhhhh it's that dreaded time of year least if you're a's time to start going back into school to prepare your classroom for you new group of kiddo's.

I have decided not to go in until Monday, however, Travis convinced me to go with him on Thursday night and at least get the background paper up on our hallway bulletin boards. If you are not a teacher understand that this is a time consuming effort of getting the paper measured out just right, getting it lined up with out creases in the paper, getting it stapled in a straight line and with no air bubbles. You then get to use an exacto knife and trim the edges.

Anyway, after we had taken care of my two bulletin boards we went to Nielson to tackle Travis'. When we finished we went home. That is not a normal teacher behavior....normally we would have found a jillion things to keep us there at school and just start diving into a bunch of different projects. Travis said we were just "testing the water" :)

So here is the saddest part of this entry. On Thursday night I had a horrible, horrible thing happen. Something that doesn't happen this early....something that doesn't usually happen until I get a class list......I DREAMT about SCHOOL!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I know it is shocking! :)
I didn't dream about kids though...I dreamt about how I could best utilize the $200.00 the district gives you to spend on your classroom for the entire year. Should I spend it all a portion...what should I buy....I literally had receipts floating through my dream!

Well, I guess this is just a prelude to what is to come for us in the upcoming weeks.
Travis did go into school yesterday for about 8 hours. I held strong school for me until Monday....I took the time and the beautiful day and went to the river with my mom and dad! It was beautiful...smooth as glass and hardly anyone out since it was still the work week.

Monday morning will come soon enough for me! We'll keep you posted! :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy Busy Bee's

School must be getting close, Travis and I seem to be getting less and less T.V. veg time!

Last week I was blessed to be able to help with Vacation Bible School. My job was to be in charge of music at both the opening and closing and at 4 twenty minute centers. My first duty as music person was to enlist help! I was so fortunate to work with Pastor Gabe and Lindsay Long. Those two saved the day every day. It was fun to have some adults to be silly with so I didn't feel so crazy doing it myself. VBS on my end was a success! The kids loved all the songs from the "beach party" theme and also were huge fans of "old favorites" Pastor Gabe played! I too, must admit to learning 2 new favorites.....and they are still swimming in my head! :)

This past week and this current week I have been working with college for kids here in Galesburg during the morning. I have approx. 33 kids over 3 hours who have an interest in weather. We have learned about the sun, clouds, storms, lightening, tornadoes, and now we are learning to make and fly kites. It has been fun, but I'm glad to be done on Friday! Sometime have me show you how to make lightening in your mouth! It has been a kid favorite!

Travis and I went to visit his college buddy Matt this weekend in the Chicago area. It was fun to watch these two interact together and imagine what college life would have been for them! I can only imagine the shenanigans they got themselves into! While in Chicago, we went to Schaumburg to the Woodfield Mall. WOW! That place is impressive! We made a stop at IKEA first and then spent hours at the mall.....this alone was impressive to me...that the guys would let us shop the way we did! :)
After shopping we enjoyed dinner at one of my new favorite places...the cheesecake factory...YUM! Make sure if you ever go you get Pasta Da Vinci and the Key Lime cheesecake. Wow, we are lucky we don't have one in close vicinity, or I would be literally 300 pounds!

We got up early on Sunday morning (6AM) and headed back to Galesburg/Monmouth to attend church where our dear friends Krista and Blake Burns had their baby Delaney baptized. I was thrilled to be able to make it to such a great celebration! After church we enjoyed a beautiful day on the river with my family and got to spend time with my brother's new girlfriend Stormy. She's nice and seems to have a lot in common with Justin. I was thrilled to be able to partake in our Vancil family tradition of Sunday's on the River. With the recent flooding we haven't been able to go. It's nice to have something to look forward to on Sunday's again!

I always say I want to just post a quick little note and then end up with these long, novel length posts! I guess it's just like me to be windy and all! :)
I'm going to go now and give our plants a much needed water break. It's been so hot, I hope you all are inside with air-conditioning enjoying a good book, movie, or nap! Three of my favorite things!

Keep Cool! :)