Wednesday, November 23, 2011


What?!? Tomorrow's Thanksgiving?  We better go to the Festival of Trees to get into the holiday spirit!
Come on guys!

Can you believe all of these TOYS?!?
I want....that one!  Do you think they'll miss just one? Have you ever played Jenga? Dad says we shouldn't play with this stack of toys...

Choo-Choo trains are so cool!  I could stay here and watch this all night...
no really, mom and Carson, go ahead and look at the and I are good here.  
You didn't tell me there was a SPIDERMAN tree! 
I got my picture taken with daddy, Carson and the "Go-Bears" tree.   
We made one last stop at the train station before we left the main hall.  It was sooo cool!  The train was even cooler than the "barn" (the gingerbread houses) although I wanted to see the barn again too, Mom said no. :(

This crazy tree talked to me on the way out.  I didn't know what to say.  I wasn't sure if I was amused or bewildered.   
But, by the end of the conversation I had made a new friend and I told her "See you later". 
She said, "See you next year"
I hope so, I had a lot of fun at The Festival of Trees! 
My brother, Carson, however, was ready to go...we had overstayed our welcome according to him.

Festival of Trees Parade

Last year we went to the festival of trees left.  This year we made it a tradition by going right.
It was another great weather year and we had a lot of fun.  Making new family traditions is as good as keeping old family traditions!
This year Grandma Kay joined us.  We got to the parade almost an hour early.... 

So Parker entertained himself acting silly... 
and it wasn't long before little brother joined in!