Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Vacation: Day 1

We are finally done for the summer!  So what does a family do on their first summer vacation with a baby you ask?

You go to prompt care, Wal-mart pharmacy, prompt care, Wal-mart pharmacy....

Today Travis went to prompt care and was diagnosed with a double ear infection, and a sinus infection.  Parker and I were at home taking a 3 hour nap.  I was actually drugged (Benyadryl).  When he came home from Prompt care he suggested perhaps I needed to go too.  So off I went.  I have a double ear infection, and a sinus infection.  Not only did I get the same diagnosis as Travis, but I got the added pleasure of having my ears flushed out.  If you want to feel unclean and gross, I suggest asking your doctor to flush your ears at your next appointment! YUCK!!!!  He needed to flush my ears in order to see if I had an ear infection.  There was so much wax he couldn't even see my eardrum! Again, YUCK!

We are now both on the same antibiotics for the same diagnosis...

Besides our unhealthy house hold, Parker is still on an antibiotic for his ear infection, we had a great day! 

Happy Summer! :)