Saturday, July 25, 2009

Science Center

This afternoon we took a trip to the Des Moines Science Center. Cool Place! Kind of like a Bettendorf Children's museum, only bigger and better!
Tyler and Uncle Travis playing with the lightening ball. Travis didn't approve when I put my belly up to it! :)
We were able to become meteorologists. Misty did NOT miss her calling on this one! Annica however, might have a future in broadcasting!

We made rockets and had races. Uncle Travis and Daddy Kirk's went the farthest. Misty's tanked and Annica persevered, made a new one and was successful on the 2nd try!
Going up!

Visiting Family

We are visiting Traivs' sister, brother in law and nieces/nephews in Waukee Iowa this weekend. It's fun watching all the hustle and bustle of a busy family! Ohhhh the things we have to look forward to ;)
This morning Heather offered to give Travis a haircut. Much to both of our delight we accepted!

Travis has a freshly cut head of hair and Misty didn't have to do it this time!! Whoo HOO! :)
Thanks Heather!
This morning we went to a farmers market and to a Life is Good store. Travis got a new hat and I drooled over homemade cupcakes, pies, and goodies...
We have enjoyed learning about the Chervenka's garden and are now planning one for ourselves next summer. Thanks Heather and Kirk for the yummy cucumbers!
This afternoon we are hitting up the science center and then coming back to hang out. The weather has been beautiful and we are blessed to spend time outside with part of the family we don't get to see enough!
Tyler has been the comic relief for us and has enjoyed bonding with his uncle Travis.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Stecher 32 weeks

Today we surprised our moms aka grandma and took them with us to the 32 week sonogram! They were as excited as we were! The baby has grown! Wow! It was so much more clear this time. We still don't know if it's a boy/girl....but after today Mom, Kay, and I all say boy. Travis is still holding on to his girl prediction.

The baby still likes to keep it's hands up by it's face but you can see it's chunky cheeks and squished nose! The tech said it looked more like Travis' nose....which is good because I have a huge bump in mine that I hate!

This is the baby's face frontal view. One hand is in a fist by its eye and the blob of black over the other eye is a moving hand. you can see it's forehead, nose, cheek, and mouth.

This picture shows the eye, forehead, nose, mouth and arm.

The tech said that the current estimate is the baby weighs 5lbs 4 oz. However, it could be off a pound either way. I still have 8 weeks to GO! Let's hope it was off a pound on the heavy side! :)

We are excited now that we have had another chance to "see" baby Stecher. Do you still think girl? or boy?


Travis is the best! He has truly worked his tail off to get our nursery ready. I had very little to do with this masterpiece. Travis organized the office, emptied the office, moved the furniture, primed the walls, painted the walls, put the baby furniture together, hung the curtains, and the wall decor, and painted the wall mural. I truly am lucky to have someone so patient, and talented as him! Check it out!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Vancil! We LOVE the crib!

Our "theme" is sheep. The window valance and new roman shades

New dresser, old built in bookcase, new sheep wall hangings

Old COMFY rocker recliner, new nightstand, handmade lampshade by Lynn and Misty, and the family picture collage....I need to start getting photos.

The crib and bedding. Buddy loves the sheep rug below the crib.

This is sheep. He is Travis' freehand creation! He peeks out from behind the door....or
you can get a full view if you close the door.

I'm lovin the nursery!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

9 hours is a long time when you aren't going TO a vacation! I had a rough night sleeping last night so Travis graciously drove the entire way home today. By the end we were both more than ready to be done with the first road trip in the new car. We even went pass the 1000 mile mark on the odometer!

Once we got home we sprawled out our weekend "goods"

All of this came with our registration to Pezamania! Click to enlarge.

The new vintage PEZ. Over 30 in all!

Even "baby" got something from vacation. I'm going to make a receiving blanket quilt with this fabric and some chenille. Travis picked up a stuffed lamb for a shelf in the nursery.

The new baskets/pottery!

Buddy was very happy to see us when we got home, in fact as I type this he and Travis are sprawled out over the bed....I'm not sure where I'm going to fit!

We had a great weekend!

"Basket World"

We concluded our weekend with a stop at what Travis calls "Basket World". It was really the Longaberg Homestead in the Dresden Ohio area.

We started by touring some shops and the Crawford Barn. The "barn" has discounted merchandise from the homestead and a little cafeteria restaurant. We had lunch there.

We then took a shuttle to the actual factory. The factory was closed and we were short on time, but we were able to go to the factory store..

We found a "seconds" section of the factory where we found lots of baskets at a reduced price. I kept filling the cart with "possibilities". Travis was a good sport!

On the way to the hotel for Saturday night we drove past the corporate office. It is shaped in the form of a HUGE basket. It was really cool watching it come over the horizon.

Pictures from this weekend

The Pez weekend was a lot of fun!
We started the weekend pulling into the hotel at 1:15AM! Long Drive....

The next morning we got our registration packets and began room hopping!

The first night's PEZ purchases tucked safely into bed!

On Friday night we also played a game called Diceamania. It is similar to Bunko. Both Travis and I stunk...we didn't win once. The goal is to try to get the highest number....the winners were winning with 30's, and some 40's. I think Travis and I scored 3,4, and 5's all night.

The next morning was the actual Pez show and sale. We had a few things left to hunt for and had a great time looking (oogling) over everyone's stuff!

Travis looking for some final buys and the two of us by a fun PEZ umbrella.

Travis took this video from inside the Pez convention. When you see me make a silly face, it's because I backed into a woman and stepped on her toe. Oops!

We had a great time and can't wait to go again another time!