Saturday, February 21, 2009

Satisfied Stecher's

Friday was a satisfying day for all 3 Stecher's. Not only was it the start of a needed weekend from school but some major accomplishments happened around the house.

Buddy has been making gains in his "recovery" (see previous post). However, now it has been determined that the can food is too expensive to continue on with. Travis' parents gave a helpful culinary tip to try to get Buddy to eat his dry food. Wet it, microwave it, hid it with a piece of cheese on top. So I tried...

It stunk up our microwave, our kitchen, and eventually our house....bon appetit!
First he ate all the cheese off the top, go figure...
Then he started on the rest of the food!

Good to the last bite!


I have been using our vacuum to help clean up kitchen debris. As a result it has ruined our filter, however, I can not justify purchasing a new one until the kitchen is finally finished...So I asked Kay to bring the Dyson down. For those of you who do not know the Dyson is the be all end all of vacuum's....

This is the pet hair version. It is FABULOUS!

This thing worked like a dream. It was utterly disgusting how GROSS our living room carpet was. I'll spare you the photo....It is now on a future wish list. It must be good if I'm putting a VACUUM on a wish list! :)


Ahhhh...the kitchen. Will it ever end? Travis has been hard at work making all last minute dry wall, Spackle, mud, etc. necessities in order for us to paint.

We are now ready to wipe all the walls/ceilings, prime and finally PAINT! I'm shooting for tomorrow!
We also went to LOWES today and picked out, and purchased the cabinets. They will be ready for pick up next weekend. Cross your fingers that the little piece of filler wood that has to come from somewhere other than Lowes comes in sooner than the 2 weeks they told us today :(
Travis is ready for some cabinets! (Misty too! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Buddy Update

Buddy is doing much better! He is now getting up and down off of all furniture and stairs by himself. He is now eating a combination of wet and dry food where as just a week ago it had to be all wet food. He is also not tilting his head as much as he was. I think he just needed some spring like weather! :)

The kitchen remodel moves forward! Travis and his dad finished all the behind the scenes work last weekend and cleared the way for us to finish hanging a few pieces of dry wall, Spackle and begin painting. We have chosen a green color for the kitchen walls. The cabinets are hickory so they will be very light. We are hoping the green will make the room look very warm and homey! I'll post pictures as soon as we begin to paint!

The wonderful spring like weather last week has landed me with another round of winter illness. I now have a full blown head cold. It started in the middle of the night Friday. Yesterday I was miserable, today I'm better than yesterday but still not feeling good. I'm hoping this will be a short cold and I'll be better by school on Tuesday.

Travis has begun his weight loss challenge with the team of football coaches from Dist. #205. The guys are hoping for a three peat. They have won the 2 years previously, however, this year they have some real competition. There are several other "football" teams vying for the title. He is doing a great job and is working hard with his team. They have been out walk/jogging, watching what they eat, and Travis has even bypassed DQ several times I've suggested it.

There's the update on all 3 Stecher's for this week! Hope everyone is doing well and not getting this cold or the nasty flu that's out and about!