Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Day 2013

Today Carson experienced his first snow day!
Last year was an exception to the Illinois rule of all schools have at least one snow day ;)
This year we are back on track.  It started snowing this morning about 7AM and other than a short break around 5PM it hasn't stopped!
We made the most of the day playing inside, but by afternoon, and seeing neighbors down the street having built a large snowman, we couldn't resist joining in the fun!
You will notice our snowman has two faces, thus you can see him from the street and our front window. 

Front yard snow fort always a plus, you never know what to do with all that snow you shovel from your sidewalk...well Travis found a great use of the snow!  

Watch mom!  I can be a snow plow for the slide!
 He shoots...He scores!!!
A Hot Chocolate warm up...really a luke warm warm up due to our power being out for a few hours this afternoon....while we were playing in the snow...and coming in cold wanting to warm up...
After the power came back on, a tasty dinner, a warm bath, footie PJ's and snuggle time in BaBo's bed, we were ready for snow day 2013 to come to an end. 
Happy Snow Day 2013!