Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Birthday Celebration

Today we celebrated the May birhtdays of Kay and Annica.  Chervenka's were home to celebrate so we all went to Incredible Pizza in Davenport.  This is a relatively new pizza place that reminded me a lot of Chuckie Cheese, however, there were a lot more games for all ages and it was run more like a casino than I remember Chuckie Cheese being run....
You put money on  "card" and then swipe the card at each game.  Instead of winning actual tickets, Incredible Pizza has "gone green" and keeps track of your winnings on your swipe card.  We had so much fun, Travis and I can't wait to go back for a date night without Parker!....AND we still have 100 points to spend! :)

Parker's first ride on a mechanical duck!

"Tastes like chicken"

For 100 points we "purchased" this great foam hat....and approximently 1 minute 20 seconds after purchasing it, Parker riped it in half.  Great usage of points! :)

Heather made this fairy cake for Annica and Kay.  Isn't it cool??? That is a real "barbie like" toy INSIDE the cake.  Neat idea and yummy too!
Uncle Kirk exposed Parker to Mt. Dew....
hmmm...what is this?  Let me try...oooohhh it feels good on my throbbing gums!