Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vacation Bible School

This week we helped out at Vacation Bible School here in Galesburg at the First Christian Church. Travis and I had a lot of fun. Travis helped in lots of areas. One night he was a pre-school crew leader, the 4 other nights he helped with games outside. 2 of the nights he was in charge of games. I was in charge of "spotlight drama" basically, I took scripted pictures nightly and added them to a power point to view at the end of the night. The kids loved seeing themselves on the "big screen".
This years theme was crocodile dock and there were 95 kids that participated at one time or another throughout the week. There were also close to 60 volunteers that helped make it possible. Our friend Molly was the director and did a fabulous job!
Thanks for including us Mol! We had a great week!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Father's Day Projects

Father's day is supposed to be a time for relaxing, enjoying each other, family time right?
Not if your in the Vancil family. Every holiday we end up doing some sort of "project". This holiday we thought it was fitting to put together a crib that will stay at my folk's house. Some family friends and former neighbors graciously offered to loan my parents the crib. It's a really nice crib and I'm sure baby Stecher will be very happy.
Here is "Grandpa" taking inventory on supplies, while "dad" Travis looks for all the parts.

Travis gets to do all the grunt work. He's told it's for practice for our own crib.

"Grandma" has to get involved for an extra hand. How many people does it take to put a crib together????

Grandma and Grandpa Vancil putting finishing touches on the "vacation" crib. This will be so handy when they babysit :)
The finished product
Travis was testing it out using "Clyde" the monkey. The former Swing baseball team mascot.