Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memorial Day weekend 2014

With Memorial Day brought the highly anticipated arrival of 2 events....
Soccer game against our best buddies, Sawyer and Sophie
Grandma Chloe and Annica's birthday with a visit from the cousins at the soccer game!
We topped the weekend off with a super fun friend party where the boys got to stay up really, really, really late with a bubble machine,

fireflies, firepit, smores, and movie on the garage and of course no photos by mom...argh..
and the Memorial Day parade downtown.  
Super fun weekend, what a way to kick off summer!!!

Bubbles in the mouth!!!!

End of Pre-School~ Parker

Parker ended his pre-school career on a successful note.  On the last day of pre-school he walked up to the door all by himself, and didn't need me to drive by the window so he could wave. 
After a year of nervousness and apprehension with the help of his wonderful teacher and new friends Parker finally became ready for school.  His class celebrated with an end of year party at  Rotary Park.  He had a great time and will miss his buddies over the summer!

THANK YOU Mrs. Frakes for helping Parker prepare for pre-K! :)

Bowling Party

End of year Youth Group church bowling party had all the Stecher's enjoying some pizza, cake, and pin dropping.  Parker has been lucky to have Miss Terri for two years and we will miss her next year! 

Spring has Sprung

Spring finally sprung and the boys brought back the weekly Friday night yard care sessions!  Carson takes his job very seriously!  Both boys (and Travis) :)  Helped me move the geraniums back home from their winter classroom at school!

Touch A Truck

Early in May, I took 1/2 a personal day and spent the morning with Parker at the Galesburg Touch-A-Truck event sponsored by the Parks and Rec. department.  We had a great time and saw some of our friends there too! 

April 2014~soccer

For 6 weeks in April~May we have spent Saturday mornings watching Parker turn into quite a soccer player.  He enjoys the game and looked forward to each game day.  He ran hard and wasn't afraid to get into the mix and try to get the ball.  It was fun watching him participate!  He had quite the fan base too, over 23 different people came over the 6 weeks to watch him play!  He is blessed to have so many people supporting him!  Thanks for coming out!