Thursday, September 29, 2011

Serving Lunch

Parker is getting very imaginative and loves his new kitchen.  In this video he is "feeding" all of his sesame street friends and has a special treat for Bert and Ernie! :)

Birthday Party Do-Over

Because it was raining on Parker's party we invited some of his buddies back over later in the week to enjoy the bounce house that one of Misty's teaching friends let her borrow.

Parker and Emily both love Elmo, the Wiggles, and Trains!

Sophie and Sawyer are Parker's day care buddies!
And Parker might have a bit of a crush on Sophie :)

It's great to have friends isn't it??

Birthday Party Part 2

On Sunday of Parker's birthday weekend we had his friend birthday party...and it rained...again...for a 2nd year in a row....
However this year we were prepared and expecting the rain!
Lots of Parkers friends were able to come.
Uncle Justin and Sara weren't able to come to the family party so they joined us on Sunday.
Barb recently had hip surgery and made a special appearance just for Parker on his birthday!
Super big thanks to Jeff A. who let us borrow his yard tents again this year.  This year, however, we were able to set them up the day before instead of 1/2 way through the party. 
Thanks to everyone who endured the wet weather to celebrate our 2 wonderful years with our little boy!

I wanted to get a photo of all of Parker's friends on his birthday...
Ever tried to get 7 children ages 21 months - 5th grade to all look at the camera and smile at the same time???

Ever tried to take a family photo on a 2 year olds birthday party with an almost 3 month old infant? 

Happy Birthday Parker!!! WE love you!

Ever put all 7 children hyped up on cake and ice cream in a basement toy room? 

Parker had a great birthday and absolutley didn't even notice the rain.  He had all he wanted, his friends, his family and play time in his toy room!
Happy Birthday Buddy!

Happy Birthday part1

Man, life gets busy doesn't it???
I can't believe that already 2 weeks have passed since Parker's 2nd birthday!
We haven't been doing anything especially exciting, just normal life, but I haven't been able to find time to blog about his and our exciting weekend.
Here Goes:
Parker started his actual birthday at home with mommy, daddy and Carson.  He loved his Toy Story card and Yo Gabba Gabba toys.
He enjoyed a visit from his pal Scooter, (and Jeff).
And helped get things ready for his family party, which was really blustery and a sign of the weather front that was coming in...
Parker partied with Grandma and Grandpa Vancil, Grandma and Grandpa Stecher and mommy,daddy and Carson.
He enjoyed time in the bounce house that Mrs. Young from King School let us borrow
and even got both Grandmas in the bouncy house with him!
however, the grandPA's preferred to sit back and watch ;)
grampa, grampa...jump??
Happy 2nd Birthday Buddy!!!!

Parker was overindulged with presents which he calls "prizes"!

His two favorite prizes were his new kitchen and his vacuum!

Parker is lucky to have so many people love him so much!