Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring Swing

We have a swing like this that we received from Travis' sister's family.  However, we have no tree that has a big enough/strong enough branch to hold it.  So before I really began to ask for Travis to build a "swing-set" of sorts that would hold this one swing, we thought we'd try it out at Grandma/pa Stecher's house. 
Hmmm.  What does this do?

I'm not I like this?

I do like this!
no, no, no

Dad?  Can I have one?  Please?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

What a Mother's Day weekend!
One mom, two grandma's, two days! Phew!  We're pooped! 
We had a great weekend celebrating all of our mom's!  I wouldn't have wanted my first mother's day any other way!

On Saturday my mom, Lynn, and I were supposed to go flower shopping...however the artic tempretures and howling wind prevented that, so we had a girls day.  We went to the Longaberger Festival in Moline, browsed through Isabell Bloom and had lunch at Granite City!
Later that evening the whole family met up for a chilly cookout where we all stayed inside ;)

This picture cracks me up!  Who's looking at who?
Sebastian (the dog) is looking at Parker, Parker is looking at Mommy, and Grandma and Mommy are looking at the dog...and NO ONE is looking at the camera!

Sunday we went to church just the 3 of us and then headed to the QC to spend the day with Grandma Stecher. We had brunch at Johnny's Italian Steak House and then went to the Beaux Arts Fair in Davenport.  The day was MUCH more condusive to outdoor activity!

It was such a nice day...and it WAS Mother's day so a return trip to the Longaberger Festival was granted ;)
Parker Loves Longaberger!
I had a great 1st Mother's Day!