Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stecher Family Gathering

Today we had a fun family afternoon! We had Travis' side of the family down for a cookout. It was fun to have all the family together and the little ones running around. It was too windy for a fire in the fire pit, bummer, but we had good food, and good company anyway. Tyler is almost 1, he'll be 1 on the 7th of July, Caleb is going on 3 and Annica just turned 5. This was a special get together as the Chervenka's are moving very soon to Des Moines Iowa and get-togethers like this will take a little more planning and advance notice in the future.

All in all, Buddy did quite well, he left the little ones alone until it was time to eat. We didn't dare leave him inside when we were all outside eating due to his food binging problems....see previous post!
When Heather, Kirk and the kids were getting ready to head home we noticed Buddy was no where to be found...
Travis found him inside, he had snuck in when the door was opened. When Travis found him he was on the floor pulling on the aluminum foil that was on the table housing the grilled potatoes. Buddy was grr, grr, grring and pulling potatoes down upon his head.....We could hear Travis yelling from the back patio! Buddy was swiftly kicked out the back door and the back door slammed! Uh-Oh, here we go again!

It was a wonderful day and one that I know Travis and I will remember, and cherish for a long time to come!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Travis and I have a 13 year old cocker spaniel named Buddy. Travis inherited Buddy when he married me :)
Buddy is quite a quirky little dog to say the least! He is often getting into things he shouldn't and giving both Travis and I a run for our money!
One day he seems to be on his death bed and the next he is like a new puppy. Buddy is on a restricted diet. He is no longer allowed any table food. He, however, has a huge sugar addiction....much like me! On Friday he got a bag of marshmallows off the dining room table that was going to be used for S'mores at a cookout later that night. He ate 15 or so mashmallows....leaving the plastic bag behind! After a phone call to the vet I was assured they would come out one end or the other....they came out both! GROSS! The next day, Saturday, Buddy had a "marshmallow hangover" he definitally came down from his sugar high! He is now
back to his restricted diet!

Give it a try!

After viewing my sister-in-law's page, I decided to try this out! It seems relatively easy and maybe a fun way to journal our lives! I don't know how often or long I will keep the page up. It should be relatively easy this summer, but once school starts, watch out...might not be so easy.
Who knows, maybe I'll get bored or uninterested after a week or two, but we'll give it a try...who knows maybe this will transport me into the "new-age" of technology! :)