Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Big Baby

During my appointment today I was complaining of pain on the right side and was informed that is where most of the baby is settled, however, the baby covers the entire bulge of the belly. I was told you've got a really good sized baby. My belly is "all baby".

I asked if she knew approx. how big the baby was or was going to be.
"I would say you'll have an upper 7 to mid 8 pound baby".
GEEZ! I said, is that pretty big?
"It's on the upper end of average"

I then made the fatal mistake of asking if she thought I would go all 40 weeks. I was thinking man, if the baby is that big maybe it will be tired of being cramped up and come early....

The response:
You'll probably go more than 40 weeks.

I was assured that after being 7 days overdue we could talk about inducing. I am hoping she is wrong on this assumption!

Chinese Lunch

Travis: You wanna do Chinese for lunch?
Misty: Ohhhhhh, yummy OK! :)

Misty: I am so full, we shouldn't have eaten so late.
Travis: Do you think this will mess up your doctor appointment?
Misty: Nah....

Nurse: You'll need to drink the entire bottle of sugar solution and wait for 1 hour to see if you pass the glucose test.

Misty: I just had lunch at 2:00 is that going to cause me to fail this test?
Amy Mefford (midwife): Well, did you eat a lot of carbs?
Misty: Well, I had Chinese
Amy: ummmm, we'll just have to wait and see

Nurse: You've failed the test, you'll need to go and have a 2nd test done at the lab on Friday morning. You need to fast before this test. The test will take 3 hours and you'll have your blood drawn 3 different times.
Misty: Was it really that far over?
Nurse: It was pretty high. We'll try again with no Chinese on Friday. And you need to be at the lab by 7:30AM.

This scenario makes me wonder if a Chinese lunch in which my husband Never offers was really worth it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Vacation

Ahhhhhhh summer vacation!
Now that we are officially out of regular school, Travis and I are enjoying some free time.
Summer School started today. We are both working in the mornings from 8:30-noon which isn't too bad. I'm teaching 1st grade and Travis is being the outreach worker (like a truant officer). He loves it. In fact he is enjoying himself!
After school today we came home and enjoyed lunch and a nap with no Buddy. Buddy was at the dog groomer getting his summer "do". I asked the lady to shave him and cut his nails. When we went to get the dog, Travis didn't recognize him!
Buddy with his summer cut.
He seems to be much more comfortable. He doesn't pant as much and seems to have some spring back in his step. In fact tonight when I was fertilizing the flowers I caught him breaking open a bag of garbage to eat some watermelon rines.
I think the cut was just what he needed.
These are his "new" nails. They look ENORMOUS! However, Travis pointed out that he has practically no hair left on him so of course the nails look long. I can tell they did cut them because there isn't as much click, click, clicking when he walks on the wood floor.
In other news,
Tomorrow would be pregnancy week 27 for us! Wow the time is going fast. I am really starting to "feel" pregnant now, and am loving the opportunity for afternoon naps. We are now seeing the doctor/midwife every two weeks now. Tomorrow I will go for a glucose test and hopefully everything turns out great!
27 Weeks