Monday, January 12, 2009

Destruction Zone

Wow! I had no clue what kitchen remodeling entailed! You're probably going to hear me say that about a million more times before this is all done! :)
Sunday AM, Travis' mom and dad (Ben and Kay) came down to help.
I thought the goal for Sunday was to take down the remaining cabinets and oven hood....
That project was finished so quickly the boys decided to continue on...and remove the soffit's up above.
The first cut through plaster walls that were built when the house was build around 1940.
Full Demo mode
Buddy wanted to help too!
Buddy: If you'd let me in I could be a real big help!

Buddy: I'll hold the drill for you.
The soffit and cabinets were built right into the walls in the 40's, so Ben and Travis will have to do some patching before we add cabinets to the top. The goal is to have little cabinets all around the top for extra space, and then larger cabinets down below.
That plaster stuff was EVERYWHERE! We didn't think to block off the kitchen while demo was being done so it was really everywhere!
This is our dining room. This is pretty much what the whole house looked like! The pictures that are blurry are not becuase of a bad camera, but because of all the dust that was swirling around the house!
After Ben and Kay left, Travis decided to take off all the tiles and sand down where they used to be. I started washing all the floors, and dusting the house down. We got smart though...

This is the tarp we put up the 2nd time around to keep all the dust in the kitchen! :)
Sunday was quite a messy and exhausting day, more so for Travis than I. However, I can assure you that we both woke up this morning sore and exhausted still.
Travis and Ben assure me that most of the messy work is finished.
We did pick a "short list" of paint and counter tops last night! It's going to be a long road for sure!