Monday, January 16, 2012

We're still here!

We're still here!
I think this is the longest period of time I've gone with out posting to the blog.
Our office and computer was put into our room when Parker problem...
When Carson arrived he, too, was added to our problem....
but over the last couple of weeks our bedroom has become a multi-purpose room:
Bedroom, office, nursery.  
Carson is now transitioned into a our room...and has decided that unlike his brother he wants, quiet, and dark to sleep.  
All of this jibber jabber is to explain that when Carson is napping, or after he goes to bed, there is no longer the option for using the computer.  I usually blog at night, but no more! :)  
So I've been wanting to post but just haven't had the opportunity. 
The boys are doing good!  Both growing like weeds.  
Carson turned 6 months old, WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!?
He is in the 97th and 95th percentile for height and weight and is wearing 18 month clothing!!!

Travis had a "BIG" birthday last week and officially joined the 30 club all the rest of us are in!

 He celebrated with family here at the house with Pizza, and angel food cake.
Carson has turned a corner in the last weeks and is now sitting up by himself, playing with toys, and bouncing in his jumper!  He is turning into quite the character! 

Parker has decided he wants a potty (no need to see a photo of that!)  so we bought him his own choice at Wal-mart.  He has yet to use it but he sure loves to sit on it for lengthy periods of time and talk about the M&Ms Kim (the babysitter) will give him if he goes ;)  We might be starting a LONG process here!!

The boys love each others company...maybe Carson enjoying Parker a little more than Parker notices Carson, but they smile, and hug/kiss each other none the less.  I've been told to enjoy it while it lasts, because it won't last ;) 
We're all doing good just livin/lovin' life...and hoping to find time to blog more often!