Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week in Review

What a busy week it's been at the Stecher house!  It started last Sunday when Parker attended his very first "bag" party!
He did really well, and we were lucky to have grandma Vancil at the party to help when it was time for a nap!
We also hit a growth spirt this week.  I guess these pants aren't going to work any more....
Parker is getting really good at holding his neck and head up.  Although he still will not roll over a lot on his own and never from tummy back to his back, we are optimistic that with his strength it won't be long.
One night this is how we found him before we went to bed.  He's holding on just to make sure the crib doesn't go anywhere! :)

These are some of our new toys.  They roll when you push their backs.  We have races in our hallway.  Sometimes the cheetah scares us if mommy pushes it right towards us after making fighting cat noises and hitting cheetah and alligator together.  (Mom of the year nomination, I know!)
We went and took dinner to our new friend Mia this past week.   Mia wasn't quite sure what to think of us and just wanted her mommy and daddy to stay close.  Parker wasn't sure what to do. But he did have a nice time and we're looking forward to nicer weather when we can take walks together!

Friday night we got to go to Travis school for family night Bingo!  Although, Parker is a little too young to play yet, he made a lot of ladies smile with that grin of his.  He even got to stay up past his bedtime, but he was asleep before we hit Losey Street (the street that Nielson is caddy corner to)
Saturday morning we got our very first baby food...PRUNES!  Yes, Parker managed to get himself stopped up again so we had to pull out the big guns!  He ate the entire container of prunes like a pro, and even seemed to enjoy himself!  The problem worked itself out later that day while mommy was working at Bergners...(he, he!)
This morning the boys dressed alike to go to Church.  Parker made it through the WHOLE service without having to go upstairs to the "cry room".  Maybe we should dress them alike more often.
We spent the rest of the day playing in the nursery.  Parker is really becoming annimated and we are enjoying every minute watching him grow and change!  He has such the little personality!