Monday, December 17, 2012

Church Christmas Program

I'm not doing it. I'm not wearing that horse suit.  I'm not doing it.
This is what Parker said on Wednesday night after "dress rehersal" for the children's program at chruch.
After having a "specialty" costume made....not sure about a horse in the nativity scene... 
He pulled it off.  He sat with the chicken, the cow, and all the sheep....and it true Parker fashion hammed it up for the camera! 
Carson got to hang out with his buddy Bella and was able to spread the Christmas love of snotty nose colds to her household by way of a holiday hug and kiss. 
We enjoyed watching both boys interact with a crowd, peers their own age, and each other.

Disney on Ice


This weekend Parker went on a Mommy/Daddy date. 
 He got to go to Disney on Ice 100 years of Magic!
He was mesmerized from the moment it began.
Some of his favorite parts were: 
"That Shark guy" aka Bruce from Finding Nemo
Toy Story
Cotton Candy with complimentary Alien hat
When all the characters were on the ice at the end.  
Did I mention the Alien Hat?

Blowed Up!

It is becoming a "tradition" of sorts to go on a Sunday night drive.  This is especially the case during the Christmas season.  Last Sunday while looking at lights we saw a particularlly impressive display.  Travis commented, "I'm blown away, just blown away..." He truly was in awe.  On the way home Parker saw the neighborhood blow up Grinch and his comment was:

"Look at that Grinch, I'm blow did up, Daddy!"
He thought he was so cool :)