Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gestational Diabetes

Unfortunately the "do over" for gestational diabetes did not have the results we wanted. I do have gestational diabetes. This week has been packed with orientations for the testing, dietitian appointments, doctor appointments along with everything else a normal week brings. I will try to pin point the highlights of today's doctor appointment.

  • Although I am labeled "diabetic" it is only for the duration of the pregnancy.
  • My sugar levels at this time are very low for a "diabetic" and not alarming.
  • Because of my "diabetic" status I am now considered more of a risk with the pregnancy.
  • Because of the "diabetes" I will have to go to the doctor twice a week for 45 minute "stress" tests every week starting July 7th through the end of my pregnancy.
  • We will have to have at least one more sonogram because of the "stress tests" and the diabetes.
  • With the label gestational diabetes I will not be allowed to go past my due date. If my due date comes and they baby hasn't decided to make it's entrance, I will be induced.
  • It is possible and OK if the baby comes up to 3 weeks before the due date....which is exactly one day after school starts....
  • I had to cancel my appointment with our midwife for Tuesday and schedule another appointment for the doctor on Thursday, however, if my blood sugar levels stay as good as they are now, I will be re released back into the midwife's care.
  • It is possible that if the blood sugar tests stay as low as they have been I might be able to go from testing the blood sugar 4 times a day to a lesser amount.
  • If things stay as good as they are now I also might be able to have some frozen yogurt in small amounts, however, I have to clear that with the snotty dietitian so probably not..
  • I would hate to have the profession of one likes you....

All things considering, this could be much worse. I have lost some weight since the last visit, which Dr. Piper assures us is normal especially since everything I LOVE to eat has now been banned.

Travis has been really supportive and is even doing the food restrictions with me. He didn't make fun of me when I cried because they were going to take more blood from my bruised arms on Tuesday, nor did he "scold" me when I was extremely snotty to the nurse today at the doctor's office. I told her I thought this whole blood testing this was stupid.... oops!

I think that's the latest!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hi From Buddy

Hi everyone! It's Buddy....
I thought I'd take a minute to fill you in on what's been going on at our house this summer since Misty and Travis can't seem to find time.

I have been enjoying my summer schedule. I've managed to get some sun daily in the afternoon by the front window..

Today, when I thought Misty and Travis were gone, I made my self comfortable in their bed for a nice relaxing nap. I was able to cover up for some much needed R&R with out any help. However, I was caught..
Can you see me? Travis couldn't either, but I was in such a sound sleep my snoring gave me away. I was a little confused when I got woken up.

I also decided it was time to clean out the office to make room for this "baby" they keep telling me is coming. I thought I was the baby...

I was a big help. I made sure none of the papers blew away in front of the air vent.

Misty and Travis are having a good summer too, but it seems like they are gone as much as when they have regular school. They have been busy teaching/working at summer school, going to doctor appointments and looking for a new car that I can get hair all over and slobber on. I hope they decide to stay home and have some fun with me soon.
Hope you have a great summer!