Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beep, Beep

 Beep, Beep!  Get out of the way! Parker is behind the wheel!

Getting some road advice from dad

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Parker's Party

Parker's Mickey Mouse birthday was set for Saturday. 
 Travis and I decided that if it rained we would not be able to accommodate our guests in our home so the party would be canceled.  I have been watching the weather for 2 weeks in preparation for the party.
For 2 weeks it has shown beautiful weather....much like Friday.  Sunny, crisp, clear, beautiful day for a 1st birthday party.  Then on Thursday the weather forecast changed to a 30% chance for late night showers on problem.  Then on Saturday we wake up to a rip-roaring thunderstorm followed by cloudy skies and rain off and on throughout the day.  I, however, was still optimistic.  I continued to check the radar and the future radar and was convinced that the rain would stop in time for the party.  We decided to make the final call at 3pm, one hour before the party began.  At 3PM there was no rain, and the radar showed any additional rain would go North.  So we decided the party was a go.
We were ready.  At 4:03PM as our guests began to arrive and I was bringing the last pitcher of Iced Tea out......drip, drip, began to rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone scurried inside our little house and we had a improvised, make shift, snugly birthday party.  There were people in every room of our house.  Our good friend Jeff went home and got a camping tent to set up in the yard and then we had people inside and out!
I guess I should have listened to Travis and dad when they said, we should just chalk this up as a loss...
Lessons learned!

Despite the rain, the cousins came from Des Moines.

All of the family was here.

There were presents.  THANK YOU, we LOVE them!

And there was cake.

The rain stopped briefly for everyone to pile outside to watch Parker try his first sweet treat!

Thanks to everyone who braved the elements and helped celebrate Parker's special day!
Happy Birthday Buddy!

Paker is 1!

Hooray, Hooray, Parker turns 1 today....well, actually it was on Friday but because of all the festivities this weekend this was the first moment I've had to blog.
Travis and I both took Friday as a personal day to spend with our number 1 guy!  Here he is opening up his 1st birthday present.
We loaded Parker up early for a day full of adventures!
First, a 1year check up.Parker weighs 24 lbs. 6oz!  That's a lot different from the 8lbs. 7oz. he was a year ago! Dr. Larson has been wonderful and we're blessed to have her as our doctor!

Then off to the library.  Parker received a book while he was at the hospital last year.  On the back it said if we brought it to the library when he turned 1 we could have another book!  We got Goodnight Moon.  (It was travis' favorite as a child)
The Pokey Little Puppy is the book I chose for him last year in the hospital!~  (it was one of my favorites as a child)

Back to the house for present opening and a morning nap!  We were surprised to see how well he opened gifts!  He gets that from mom and dad!
We made a stop at Toys R Us where Parker got a birthday crown and a balloon!  He's part of geoffreys birthday club so he also received a call from Geoffrey on his bday.
We spent the afternoon at Chuckie Cheese after getting the all clear from Dr. Larson for any and all table food.
Parker LOVES cheese pizza....
Until it ended up on the floor.
Parker and dad weren't too sure about the mechanical musicians at first.  I'm happy to report both warmed up to them by the end of the trip!

These were some of the characters Parker met on his birthday:

  "Bob, I told you to build something...if you want something done, I guess you have to do it yourself..."

We had an excellent day with our little boy!  He was in good spirits, the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed quality family time!
By the time we got home this birthday boy was all tuckered out!
Happy 1st Birthday Parker...we LOVE you!