Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Niabi Zoo

Hey guys!  Today my mom, dad, and I went to the zoo!  It was a great time!
I had my shades, my hat, and my sippie...who could ask for more?           

Eeek!  Dad!  The elephants going to get us!, there's something wrong with your sunglasses!
The chicken and I had a great conversation.

This sheep was a bit of a Diva..wanting in all the photos!

Warning to all the other baby mama's out there...don't try to let a bird climb on your finger unless you have purchased a dollar cup worth of sweet nectar....the birds bite!  Ask my mom!

The giraffes were cool and we got to hear the lions roaring when we were here!

Hey...hey you...would you try to bite my mom like the other birds?
Thanks for letting me know...I'll tell her to stand back!

Niabi Zoo....check....
Next up....a Safari

A special outing!

Today we're going to see one of these lions...can you guess where we're going?

Mom and Dad are going too!

Mom and Dad asked, "Do you think the real lion's nose will light up?"

Yeah right mom and dad....

Play Date

Yesterday we went to Emily Bredemeir's house for a summer play date!
There were babies everywhere!
The age range for yesterday was 6 months-22 months!  Oh baby!
Parker got a ride in a big boy wagon like the one we got for Easter...I guess it's time to get it out!

Mia (6months old today!) got to sit in the pool!  She did really well!

Carter was a pirate on top of the play structure.  Argh!

Hey buddy, can you teach me how to drive?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Father's Day Part 2

Sunday we spent the day in Monmouth with the Vancil side of the family.  We couldn't celebrate Father's Day with Grandpa last weekend because everyone was in the Ozarks. 
The weather was finally nice enough to be outside.
Grandpa spent the afternoon pushing Parker in the tree swing. 

Parker liked it so much he took an hour nap while Grandpa pushed, and pushed, and pushed....and....and...
Everyone was excited to see the Parker man again! Don't Grandma and Grandpa look tan?  WOW!
We were so tired after a day of swinging, grilling, picnicking, and swimming in the big boy pool that we couldn't even sit up in our bed.  We fell asleep trying!

Happy Father's Day Grandpa/Dad! :) 
We had a great time!