Friday, November 13, 2009

Favorite time of day

This is my favorite part of the day...

Parker gets up at 5:30-6:00 AM, I feed him and then we snuggle on the couch and fall asleep until Travis goes to work at 8:00AM

Travis got these shots a few mornings ago when Parker and I were in deep dreamland together. This is one of the things I will miss most starting on Monday. He's so warm, and snuggly, and beautiful, and perfect, and, full of hope, and giggly, full of love and, and, and....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today we had our 2 month check up and you know what that brings.....SHOTS!
YIKES! I must say Parker has been through a lot in his first 2 months of life and come out on the right side of all the obstacles of constant blood draws, a trip to Peoria, and an IV in the head. However, today was rough for his mama!
We were told we'd have an oral vaccine that babies don't like because it tastes bad....Parker laughed, smiled and gurgled through that.
Then he had 2 shots in his left leg. We were told to prepare our selves and help "comfort" him. He took the first shot like a champ, barely moving. He's used to this needle stuff!
The second shot in the left leg brought the tears...the mad kind...the kind where you have to blow in his face to get him to inhale. But again, nothing we haven't seen/dealt with. Then we were told to hang on for the right leg shot because that was the one that "hurt". Parker was crying with eyes squeezed shut when the right leg shot went in. His eyes flew open, slammed shut and then the REAL screaming began. The poor baby! He made sure that we indeed knew it hurt! It took some time to console him, but we got through it!
In honor of Veteran's Day he received these band aids..

Once we got home Parker had some Tylenol and a good nap on dad....but when he woke up.....

Travis and I agree Parker has never been so upset, mad, hurt, etc. at home than he was today. We now know what he is like when he doesn't feel good! To say he was crying is an understatement. Wailing might be closer, but that doesn't even do it justice... Oh yeah, did I mention that when this happened there were still 2 hours before we could give him more Tylenol?
Travis was a champ and got Parker to finally settle down after 45 minutes of a VERY unhappy baby.
Don't move....he's finally quiet...

I had a rough day...and I have to do it all over again in January! YIKES!
In other office news: He weighs 13lbs. 10 oz. and is 23 1/4 in. long.
That is 90th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for length. His head is in the 50th percentile for the circumference.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Photos

Jodie finished editing all of our Parker photos and family photos! They are GREAT! I have no idea how we will choose! Check out the final product :)

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Yesterday was my 29th birthday! We celebrated all weekend long doing all sorts of things that I wanted to do.

Saturday we went to the Quad Cities:

  • We went on a walk at Sunset Marina with Gma and Gpa Stecher and Chloe.
  • Travis and I went to Old Navy, and Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Travis and I met Josh and Sarah for dinner at Granite City and saw the movie "Couples Retreat" (cute!)
  • We went through the Hardee's Drive through really late so I could get a Hi-C orange drink

Sunday we:

  • Ate Cherry Doughnuts for Breakfast (YUM!)
  • Went to the mall
  • I napped on the way home to Galesburg
  • We went to my moms for the afternoon/evening with the fam.
  • Had dinner with mom, dad, Justin
  • Ate Cheesecake (noon) and Cherry Chocolate Cake (after dinner)

For my birthday I got lots of great things:

My hair low lighted,tickets to Mark Shultz, a new necklace, tickets to Bob Zaney, a car detail, a magazine subscription, a reed diffuser, a family light up sign, bath and Body works gift card, a Karen Kingsbury book, a necklace, and a flat iron for my hair, a massage, and I got to hold and snuggle with my baby all day long!

Thanks to everyone who made my 29th birthday great! The gifts, calls, well wishes, and thoughts were much appreciated!