Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Must Read

Last night I had plans to come home after Vacation Bible School and go directly to bed. I have been busy with Kids on Campus, school, and VBS this week and I am quite frankly pooped!

I headed to bed at 9:30PM and wasn't quite ready to sleep just yet so I decided to pick up a Karen Kingsbury book called Like Dandelion Dust. It is being made into a movie and I wanted to read it before it came out and school starts.

The plan was to read only until Law and Order was over....
but I wasn't ready to quit when that happened, so then it was
...I'll just read until the news comes on....
but I still wasn't ready
.....Once the weather comes on I'll put it down....
....Ok, when the news is over I'll have to go to bed....
ummmmm didn't happen
....I really need to go to sleep but I'll read just this next chapter while Jay Leno's doing his monologue....
Oh dang it, now I'm hooked I'll go until the end of the tonight show....

Anyway, you get the picture I started the book at 9:30 and finished the 368 page book at 1:30AM!
I couldn't put it down. I really did keep looking for a place to stop and wait until today but it just didn't happen. I highly HIGHLY recommend the book Like Dandelion Dust to everyone! It is a fast read that hooks you from the 2nd or 3rd chapter! Karen Kingsbury is one of my 3 favorite authors and she's done it once again!

Here's a link to the blogger site for the new movie:

Also you can find more Karen Kingsbury books which I love, Love, LOVE at:

Now....I'm off to take a nap! :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Good News!

Good news! I was blessed to find out my MRI/MRA is back and it shows no signs of any tumors, strokes, aneurysms. There is some fluid behind my mastoid air cells of my brain. That's right behind my ears. Dr. Ray thinks that this is just a normal part of me being me. I guess I can use this for an excuse of some of my more air head moments! :)

I was very relieved and thankful to hear that everything is normal.
My carbon monoxide test came back normal as well.

So now the only question is why won't these headaches go away???????

My new self-diagnosis is that my back is still severely out of whack and I need some more adjustments and perhaps a massage or two to get everything back into line. Perhaps this could be causing the headaches. The headaches are a lot less sever from last Wednesday. That was my last adjustment. Hopefully I'm on the road to having no headaches!

Weekend Update

It's been awhile since I've posted and we've had lots of fun going on at the Stecher house. On Thursday of last week Travis and I got invited to a former students birthday party. Demarco was in my first grade class and Travis' second grade class. He and his brother Reggie have found their way into many teachers hearts at Nielson. Jenny and Ben Bredemeir have "adopted" the boys, celebrating birthday's, Christmas, taking them to school events etc. Jenny and Ben were the ones throwing the birthday party. We went to Happy Joe's for pizza, cake, ice cream and games and presents! The boy's loved it. Demarco turned 9 and it was his first birthday party ever!

After the party Jenny, Ben, Travis and I went to the taste of Galesburg. There were several local businesses that had food samplings as well as a Caribbean band entertaining. It was fun. We got there a little late and several of the food vendors were out of food, but I did manage to get a Landmark turtle crepe and Travis had deep fried brownie bites. The perfect ending to a great evening!

Friday Travis and I went to Peoria and went on our first trip to the teacher store, YUCK! It is only 4 weeks until the start of school for us and I thought we better start at least looking. After spending a sufficient amount of time at the School House, we went to Grand Prairie mall and went back to school shopping. Travis got 2 nice pairs of dress pants and I got a pair of pants and some jewelry from New York and CO. That is becoming one of my most favorite stores!
We aren't quite done shopping, but like the school house, at least we've got a start on it.
We were also able to start our Christmas shopping! We bought our first gift of the season for my if only I could remember where it's at.......
Then on Saturday Travis ran the Bix 7 with some fellow football coaches. He finished in 1 hour 30 minutes. I thought this was fantastic considering he didn't train AT ALL, and decided to run on Friday night! I had to be in the Quad Cities for an MRI of my head, I can't get rid of these headaches, so I hung out with Ben and Kay (Travis' parents) until the appointment. After wards Kay and I went to see Mama Mia, and Travis and Ben saw Batman. Travis definitely would NOT have enjoyed Mama Mia so it was nice to have someone to go with. The movie was cute....corney...but lighthearted and fun.
We finished the day by eating at Red Lobster and coming home to watch ER!
On Sunday Travis and I both helped with VBS kickoff at Monmouth Country Club pool. It was a good time, lots of kids and adults so visiting with people wasn't a problem. I chased around a kid all night who needs to learn to mind and listen....oh well, I can't change them all right? By the end of the night he was starting to grow on me! :)
Unfortunately the evening was cut short because of an upcoming storm. I will continue with VBS throughout the week helping with music. Travis is on his way to De Moines to help his sister who had a tumble down the stairs and could use an extra set of hands with the kids. Hopefully his trip is a speedy safe one and he can be lots of use to Heather and the kids.
Well, that's all for now....our back yard is a jungle that needs tamed....I'm off to mow....