Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When will I learn?

This is what I came home to 5 minutes ago! Buddy seems to have helped himself to my Pampered Chef large bar pan that had left over chocolate chip cookie grease on it as well as the spatula...oh and the knife used to cut the cookies apart. I left the house this morning with the pans, spatula, and knife neatly stacked on the back of the counter waiting to be washed after school...... when will I learn the dog is a chocolate FEINE and has super doggie abilities and can conquer even the heaviest of pans....

The Crime Scene....

He didn't care for his water today, so he put a spatula in it....

A fork, a paper towel, two cookie sheets, a knife, a left over hamburger helper container (my lunch yesterday) We are lucky he didn't cut himself with the knife. That could have been ugly!

Don't let his cute looks fool you! This is him as I type trying to scrounge for more food!
When will I learn????????

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Sunday Suprise

This morning I got to church 5 minutes late. As soon as I walked into the classroom I was told that Ed needed to see me in the Sanctuary with Stan. I was a bit confused but went right up. As I got up there Ed and Stan were practicing the morning's praise songs. When I walked in Ed handed me the bulletin and had Stan start the song again, and had me sing along.

Last week Ed asked me if I would do special music on some Sunday. I said, OK maybe, but not alone.

I guess they took me up on the offer because this morning Ed Robinson and I led the church in 2 praise songs at the beginning of the service, My Life is in You Lord and Shout to the Lord It was fun. I would have normally been so nervous, but I think only having about 2 seconds to realize what was going on helped out.
The congregation was quite gracious about it as well. It helps to have people smile a genuine smile at you while you are in front singing.
What a nice Sunday Surprise!