Friday, August 26, 2011

Similar yet different

Parker and Carson are both unique individuals...that is already clearly evident...however, in these photos there are similarities! Parker was in week 6 and Carson is just a day shy of 8 weeks.

Mommy and Me!

Today it was just mommy and me!  Parker got to go play with his friends at Kim's house.
Ok..I've had enough of this hat 
That's much better! 
Mom and I read books!  It's never to early to learn to love reading!
Oooh!  What is going to happen next?!? 

Mom also made me have tummy time! 
I kinda like having mom to myself....sometimes....!

Daddy's Biggest Fans!

Good Luck Daddy!  I know you'll do great! 
I'm the oldest so I get 1 on my shirt, Mia, you get #2 because you're next in line and Carson, you're the baby so you're #3 
I love my new shirt that Mia gave me!  Ok, ok, I get it and I like my new shirt too Carson, but watch the game, there is important stuff happening here! 

Thanks for explaining the rules of the game Grandma! 
My two favorite parts of the football game were:  Running and playing on the field at half time, and...

my Daddy's arms! :) 
Thanks for the shirts Mia, you're a good friend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tickle Spots

I'm tickleish on my belly, ribcage, and underarms when I'm being changed for a bath.   
Sometimes I just like to air out in the buff! : )

Full Nights Rest

Yesterday Carson was awake from 1PM until around 8:30PM...I'm not exaggerating.  Every time he'd almost get to sleep Parker would hoot, holler or laugh and wake him up. 
Last night Carson slept from 8:30ish until 5:15AM!!
We slept through the night for the first time!
Today he has slept all day...he has slept from 8:30AM until 1:30PM and then has just fallen back asleep after a bottle. 
Hopefully he's just catching up and will sleep again tonight, if not we'll sick big brother on him! ;)


I went to Daddy's first football game on Tuesday.
The line looks good dad, but you might want to tighten up those holes...

See Mia, this is how you hand off the football... 
TOUCHDOWN!  Did you see that mom?!?

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Carson

This is Carson's first smile on camera.  Parker has begun calling Carson...the Carson.
"hold the Carson"
"feed the Carson"
"swing the Carson"

We think "The Carson" has a pretty sweet smile


8:00 A.M. Monday morning.....anyone else dislike Monday's?!?

Hanging out

I'm tired of hanging out in this swing...put me down!

Ok guys, tummy time is not that fun...can I go back to the swing?

It's OK Carson, I'll make it better.

Actually, tummy time isn't that bad after all. 
Just 5 more minutes please?!? 
Mom and Dad's bed is pretty comfy too!

Two little boys giving mischievous grins...this is one of Carson's first smiles.  He looks ornery doesn't he?

Back in School

Travis on the first day of school last week.
Misty  on the first day of school last week.

All of us had a successful, tireing week.  Travis is also coaching football again this year.  Friday the boys and I went to check out practice, but it was too hot to get out of the car...looks good from here Dad!