Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Saturday Parker was again, a trooper!  We started our shopping at 9:30AM in order to beat the weather.  We made several stops and ended up at Northpark Mall around lunch time.  Parker got his first kids meal from Chick Fillet.  He ate 2.5 chicken nuggets, several pieces of fruit, a milk jug and some peas and carrots from mom's fried rice.  He even got a book for a toy!
After lunch and several more stops in shops Parker was tuckered out...however, he perked up when he saw the man in red....
Uh-Oh, Uh-Oh, Uh-Oh....aka (ho,ho,ho) aka Santa

Parker wasn't quite sure of an actual human being as Santa most of his exposure has been in pictures, books or stuffed toys.  When we put him on his lap even Santa said, let's make this quick...I'm thinking either he was past due for his break, or he too knew Parker was a little uneasy.
Parker didn't cry, but wouldn't smile until.....
I put his pacifier in and pulled it out about 3 times and then ran off to the side of the camera to get out of the photo.  This would be the cause of the side ward crooked smile.  Next time I should just baseball dive in front of the camera for a straight on shot!