Monday, December 12, 2011

Discovering the Christmas Tree

Hey!  There's a tree there! 


A blurry Christmas smile!

Movie Night

Parker went to his first movie on Thursday.
Thursday was Nielson School's Family Movie Night at the Orpheum Theater.   
Parker and Travis went together for the first experience at a dark, quiet movie theater....partially to see how he would do, but mostly because it was free and they could leave when Parker fizzled out. 
If you take a toddler to the movies...
you better buy him some popcorn!

These are pretty cool seats dad!

La, la, la la la la la la la..
Can you guess what movie was shown??
The smurfs!
Parker did GREAT! (much better than Travis or I expected)
He lasted an hour...probably could have made it all way, but it was past bedtime and Travis figured why push it.  
The big boys had a great time and we have heard a lot about the "murfs" since the movie!