Thursday, January 20, 2011


Travis and I were talking today about how many new words Parker is beginning to use.  It is amazing how quickly he's becoming quite the talker (just like his mom!)
I have had several friends with older children tell me we should be writing stuff down because one day we'll wish we had it on paper somewhere.
Some new things Parker is saying include:
  • Mom   (vs. mama)
  • Coke  (anything he wants to drinks)
  • Oh Cool (while looking at a book)
  • Apple
  • My ball (balls or cheese balls, anything round)
  • Waz tat?
  • shoos (shoes)
  • soCKS (socks)
  • hot dog (as in hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog from Micky Mouse Playhouse)
  • hot (hot stuff, cold stuff, or anything he shouldn't touch)
  • Oh Tay (default answer just to have something to say)
  • down (up or down)
  • no
  • mi-mi (his blankie)
  • duck (anything with a beak or yellow)
  • mim (Kim his babysitter)
  • ne-nae (Renee his babysitter)
  • unck-unck (pig)
  • baaa (sheep)
  • pants
  • a two syllable word with the guh and muh sound (grandma/grandpa)
  • Roar (lion, tiger, sometimes things that are not animals)
  • guck (we thought was originally milk, but since the cold turkey removal of the pacifier we no longer hear guck so now we're thinking it was pacifier)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday

I'm really late in blogging about Travis' birthday but with the end of break and the beginning of school blog time has been cut short.
We celebrated Travis' birthday in shifts. 
His birthday was on a Thursday so his parents came down for pizza, homemade angel food cake and cookie dough ice cream (all of Travis' favorites)

We then celebrated by going to Jumer's Casino Buffet for dinner in Rock Island on Friday.
Lastly we celebrated both Travis and my brother Justin's birthday by going to Joe's Crab Shack in Peoria on Sunday .
I think he had a great 29th Birthday.  He says he's 29 for life! :) he he!
Dad, do you like the pillow I got you?  Can I borrow it?

I'll help you unwrap!