Saturday, August 6, 2011

Signs of a new mom of 2

Some signs of a new TIRED mother of 2 children:

If at a doctors appointment for a new baby, a woman jumps up and runs to the door when the name of her first born is called....she might be a tired mom of 2....

If coming through the parking lot at the zoo, a woman stops at a red van that is running, AND NOT HER VAN,  to inspect a serious dent on the front....she might be a tired mom of 2....

If a woman calls the first born the 2nd born's name and calls the 2nd born names of children of friends, children at daycare, adults, any name that pops into her head.....she might be a tired mom of 2....

If a woman wakes up in the middle of the night convinced she forgot to put breast milk into the fridge only to find the breast pump washed, dried, and ready for the next pumping....she might be a tired mom of 2...

If the same woman wakes up in the middle of the night frantically searching for her newborn under the covers because she forgets that she put him in the bassinet when he fell asleep....she might be a tired mom of 2....

If a woman can't remember any more of the crazy antics she's pulled in the last 6 weeks...she might be a tired mom of 2!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Newborn Pictures

A few weeks ago we had Jodie McNally take Carson's newborn pictures.  They turned out adorable!  We love them!  Check them all out here:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Balloon Races

We ended our busy week with the balloon launch on Friday night. 
We started the evening with a picnic in the park with friends.

 The kids got to make their own hot air balloon craft and pick out their own color of balloon.

Then both boys popped their balloons.  Check out Sawyers photo...look closely at all the adults in the background...they're crackin' up....sorry Sawyer!
Even Carson had a good time just sprawled out on the grass!

Then the balloons started to blow up.  Wow! 
 Parkers said "Moon, Moon" 
That is code for Balloon.

Up, up, and away! 
 Then Parker was sad. 
He wasn't scared...he was mad/sad that the moons were leaving! 

We had a great family evening with friends!


This year with a shortened summer vacation, a new baby, a healing c-section and all that heat we opted not to go on vacation but rather do a "stay"cation.  Here's what we've been up to on "stay"cation!

We got a big, little pool. 
That's an oxymoron isn't it?
Helping dad pull it out....Yeah!  It's all ready to go!
Can we go swim now guys?

We went to Monkey Joe's with cousins. 
Monkey Joes is also known as, Ooo, ooh, Ah, Ah Joes. :)

 After warming up to the bounce houses Parker had a ball! (so did his dad ;)
Carson, however, couldn't be bothered to wake up and see what was going on....maybe next time! 

Those are Parker's feet flying in the air!
We spent time with our cousins. 
Annica made Carson this great blanket with her Grandma Jan!  Carson loves how it is so fuzzy and warm! 

Parker got to eat the the little "big" kid table.  He thought he was pretty hot stuff!
There was play time on the porch  and even a smooch from a pooch! (Chervenka's dog Snickers)

We have learned how to cook in the kitchen
....he's already better than his mama! :) 
His work area... 

A budding Chef.
White Water JunctionThe boys went with the Chervenkas and Grandma Stecher to play in the water at Whitewater Junction in Rock Island.  Parker loved it and can't wait to go back! 
The great "Bandito"
Parker wears and Ear Bandit to help keep the plugs in and the water out so his ear tubes don't fall out. 
Travis showed me this picture and called it the great Bandito...I thought it was funny and the name has stuck!