Saturday, January 30, 2010

Daddy Parker Day

Today was a daddy/Parker day.  I went with my good friend Sarah to Vintage Baby consignment store in Moline.  Everyone had a great day! Parker and Daddy played, exercised, listened to music.  Mommy and Sarah stumbled onto an "Everything in the store is an additional 50% off" sale!  Yippee!
 I love Daddy Parker Day!
Look!  I can almost sit up by myself!
I can spell my name!
How many hours till mom comes home?

The boys had a lot of fun...
and so did Mommy!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cowboy Parker

Howdy Y'all, I'm cowboy Parker and I'm here to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!
The best thing about Valenine's Day is you can show someone you love them without even buying them a gift!
WHAT?  You mean you hadn't heard that before?!?
All you have to do is flash them one of these smiles and all is good in the world!
Y'all have a great February now, ya' hear?

Rub a Dub Dub...Parker's in the tub!

Parker really does enjoy bathtime, although these photos don't show it he usually laughs and splashes so much that I decided tonight to try the tub.  Travis was the "photo recorder" for this great adventure...
You better not take any embarassing photos Dad!
You're going to wash WHERE?
Ah Geeze guys!
I don't think I like this big space....

Bathtime STINKS!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mmmmm Mmmmm Good!

Tonight was the best night for cereal yet! Parker really liked the thicker consistancy of the food and ate every last bite!

Yesterday before bathtime I had him naked in my arms heading to the tub....yes, yes, I can hear you experienced moms groaning because you know what's coming.  Suddenly I felt this warm sensation on my bellly, going down my shirt, down my pants.....yep, he peed on me right there right before bath time.
It's almost time to head to the tub, we are starting to like "playing" in the sink too much!
No more pictures please!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Cupid Shuffle

One of Travis' good friends, Justin Gibbs,  taught me the "Cupid Shuffle" dance several years ago.  I love it!  I don't know why, but I do.  I did the "shuffle" at Justin Gibbs wedding while pregnant with Parker.  Now Parker is now learning the Cupid Shuffle in honor of Valentines Day. 

Cupid Shuffle take 2!

Rolling over and stuff

Parker rolled over for the first time by himself on Thursday morning.  Both Travis and I were able to see it before school.  He hasn't done it since. :)

He laughed the whole time!

On Saturday Grandpa Vancil came over to see Parker....I don't know who was more ingrosed in the TV...

We discovered that our stuffed sheep is super soft and fun to play with.  Parker enjoyed laying on his belly and "eating" the sheeps ears and fur.  He was not pleased when he started to slide off.