Thursday, July 12, 2012

Treasure Hunt...Parker Style

P: I want to look for bugs...
Me: Maybe after dinner you and dad can come out while I put Carson to bed...

during dinner...

P: Daddy! After dinner we're going on a TREASURE HUNT!
Trav: We are?
P: Is my bug thing fixed?
Trav: Yes..
P:  You get it...we go on a treasure hunt..
Trav: Thanks mom!

The boys set out on the big treasure hunt...aka..bug collection...but Parker was to afraid to pick up any bugs.
I found some locust shells...thinking that might be easier for him since there weren't bugs in the shells..but Parker didn't comprehend that.  He thought we were  Travis was still catching bugs. 
He got a pretty good "loot" 

He finally got brave and tried one on his own.
A dead beetle...Cool... 
Carson was content with driving in his car and listening to the "radio"

Zoo Day

Thumbs Up!  It's a zoo day! 
Hey mom!  Did you know we get to ride on this train? 
What is that? 
Look! Look!