Saturday, April 17, 2010

7 Months Old

Today Parker is 7 months old!  WOW! Where did the time go? 
At 7 months Parker:
Has an appreciation for Father like Son.
Hmmm...I think I want....That One!

At 7 months Parker can:
Hang out with his Buddy during a play date.
This is Carter and Parker "hugging".  Travis and I decided it was more like a manly chest bump!
Parker can do many other things at 7 months!  We are so lucky to have such a happy guy, we thank God for him daily!  We look forward to the next 7 months!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Parker's Help

I'll help you get caught up on the laundry mom and dad!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

National Board Certification

Last year I decided to become Nationally Board Certified in Teaching.  It was a chore....then in November I found out I was 12 points away from passing...Grrr!  So I decided to "bank" my good scores and try again on 2 entries. 
I knew about this in December....however I am a procrastinator by nature. 
So I waited.
and waited.
and waited.
Until Spring Break and then I said..I'm going to have all this time I'll get it done.  However, Spring Break came and went and the entries didn't get done.
When is this project due you ask?  Are you getting worried for me?  Weeelllll... the due date is April 15th.  Yep today.  This crazy blue box had to be post marked today.
After a week of LATE nights, little time with Parker and Travis, and very little normal school/housework it's in the mail. 
Why then, are you still up at 11PM tonight you ask????
To work on cleaning up the messes I made all week long when crazily trying to get this thing done!

Now let's just hope I pass this year, I really don't want to do this again! I'm pretty sure Travis and Parker don't want me to either! ;)

Monday, April 12, 2010

6 month photos

Jodie McNally has done it again!  We had photos taken over break!  They are BEAUTIFUL!  We are so proud of the work she does!  So far she only has the "bathtub" photos up.  There will also be baseball and 'chick' photos eventually!  Check out the bathtub photos!  I think we need to find a way to contact Johnson & Johnson! :)