Saturday, June 11, 2011

Catch Up...Schools Out

Schools out, summer training is over...VBS is starting...and it's time to get caught up on the blog.
Here's what's been happening in our life!
Parker has become a ham ball with photography...he will now say cheese and smile on command. Grandma Stecher has taught him that he can see himself in the camera after the photo is taken so he always wants to see what the photo turns out like!

Our good friends the Nelsons just had their second little boy, Lucas.  Recently we got together so the big boys could play and we could see how Parker would do with a newborn.  He did great!  He hasn't stopped talking about Carterbaby...Carter and Lucas...since they left.
Over Memorial Day weekend we played with a tent inside.  The tent was a staple of our living room for over a week.  I think we have a future camper on our hands!
On Memorial Day we went downtown for the parade....daddy got to put Parker on his shoulders.  I don't know who enjoyed it more!
Parker has been enjoying days at the babysitter outside with his buddies Sophie and Sawyer.  Daily on the ride to the sitters he will ask, Wagon?  Walk?  Outside?
I think he's having a great time and gaining some excellent social skills!
This week starts Pandamania VBS at our church.  Parker will be going to spend time it the nursery as both Travis and I are helping out.  However, there has been some talk of occasionally letting him join the pre-school group.  He went tonight and "helped" set up.  It will be a fun week for us all I'm sure.

My due date is fast approaching and we are getting prepped and ready here at home.  Travis just finished a toy room in the basement (photos and a different post to come) and I have been making lists and checking them twice ;)
Baby Jr. is due to come via C-Section on June 27th but if I should go into labor on my own it will be any day now as they will not force stop the labor. 
We are very excited to finally be in "summer" mode and look forward to sharing our summer with you through the blog!