Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A "Good" outing

Today we took a "Good" outing to Good's Furniture in Kewanee.  Kewanee is about 45 minutes from Galesburg and none of us had ever been.

Good's is HUGE...very easy to spend a day browsing.  There are lots of glass elevators so bringing a stroller was not a problem.. Everyone was very friendly and oodled over Parker....he made lots of new friends...mostly older women....much older....older than both of his Grandma's...but friends none the less.
Isn't this cool?  Parker was envisioning all the books and toys he could neatly put on his shelves.  There are 3 drawers under the bed for P.J.'s and sports shorts too.

Isn't this high back, mission style bed neat?  I love mission style furniture!  What would make this bed even better would be if it had little things like this...
on all 4 posts.
Dream shopping is great!  No budgets to follow!

We took a walk over the sky walk to "Good's East" and ate in their winery bistro.  It was very good and quite upscale, but still on the affordable side.  We were worried about Parker but he did a really good job.
We saw Proud Mary's plane...and actually ran into Mary the owner twice.  I should have been brave and asked for her picture...but that would have embarrassed both Stecher men to the fullest. 

We had a great day window shopping.  I would recommend anyone looking for a fun day getaway to check out Good's in Kewanee!

Mr. Crabby

 Hmmm...I wonder what that is...
What's making that water?????

YIKES!  Retreat...retreat....MOM!
The only way I'm going back in...is if you give me that shiny can...deal?
Now THIS is fun!
I had a great time in my crab pool today!