Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Monday was my 30th birthday! 
Travis had lots of great plans for me on my birthday but our weekend of the flu crushed most of those :(  I did have a great day with well wishes, great cards, gifts and a lot of love from everyone! 

I have done a lot in 30 years! 
I have gone to Jamaica, NYC, Washington DC, Hawaii, Alabama, Arizona, and lots of Midwestern states. 
I have graduated from High School, College, and Grad School while working full time.
I have purchased a car, a home, and lots of teaching supplies ;)
I have made many wonderful friends and memories over 30 years.
I have maintained and grown a loving friendship with my parents and brother even during rocky times.
I  have married a loving man who is hilarious and makes me laugh every day, even the bad days.
and my proudest accomplishment of 30 years....
He too, makes me laugh daily and is filling my life with so much joy and love I can't wait to spend the  next 30 years watching him grow and "do a lot".

Thanks for making my birthday great!
Here's to the next 30!

Reporting illness

It started a week ago today.  Parker had a friend get sick at his daycare.  Then at 4:30PM, Parker got his very first flu bug.....and he puked....on Grandma!  He was very sick all night on Thursday evening.  Kim, Parker's daycare provider and her two girls are sick with the flu as well.  Another child also gets sick.

Misty woke up at 4AM with Parker's flu.  It was horrible!  Travis, thinking he'd be next was smart enough to begin gathering all of Parker's things.  Parker was taken out of the house and to Travis' parents for an undisclosed amount of time.  We had no idea how long the flu would last.  By the time Travis got to his parents he was sick.  He came home and we both spent the rest of the day/night in different rooms in and out of consciousness...not really on the consciousness, but it sure felt like it!  Parker got to spend his first night away from mom and dad in a rushed, unplanned trip to Grandma and Grandpa's
Misty's dad also becomes ill with the same flu.

Neither Travis nor Misty felt better so there was a changing of the guards for Parker duty.  Grandma Vancil meets up with Grandma/pa Stecher and they do the exchange.  Parker spends the rest of the day in Monmouth with Grandma Vancil.  By Sunday night around 6PM Misty and Travis thought they could take care of Parker again, although not quite themselves.  Parker is returned home.
The parent of the two sick day care friends becomes sick with same flu.

Everyone returns to work and school

Grandma Vancil gets the flu.....sorry Grandma!

Through this report you can tell it's been a rocky health week here. :(  However we are so grateful to have parents/grandparents who live so close that they could bail us out when we physically could not take care of Parker!   Parker had a great time all weekend!  If only we all could have been so lucky!  We hope none of you get this awful bug, it was the worst we have been ill in a long time. 


Parker walking early stages

The Friday before Halloween we had off of school.  It worked out perfectly. Parker had been taking a few steps here and there all week, but when my dad, and Travis' parents were here and my mom was at the door Parker really took off. This was great because it was unplanned to have all the grandparents here and we're glad they got to experience this with us!  He is a much better walker already but I thought it would be fun to share the beginning stages.