Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Tonight was Parker's first swimming lessons at the same YMCA I learned to swim at and taught swimming lessons at for so many years!  It was fun and weird at the same time to walk my own child into the pool for lessons!   
We are very fortunante to have such a great instructor!  One of our family friends happens to teach lessons at the Y and was willing to take on Parker and some of his friends.  Parker did GREAT! 
There was no time to waste!  She had them in the water on their fronts, on their backs, and even dunked them under water! ;)  Before we know it Parker will be diving off the high dive swimming like a fish! 
Of course the lesson wouldn't be complete with out a little play time at the end!
Parker and his buddies before swimming lessons.
All of his friends from daycare joined us for lessons. 
After lessons everyone of the kids came out of the pool saying, "that was SO fun!"  Parker wanted to go back tomorrow...it's going to be a long week of waiting!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Daddy helping Parker with his tie before church
Parker exclaiming "I got cash!" upon opening an egg in the backyard after church.

Egg hunting 
On Grandma/Grandpa Stecher's steps after Easter photos at Portrait Innovations a few days before Easter.
Easter Photo with two boys....enough said! :)

Dying Eggs

*Note to self* Prepare egg dye before bringing everyone to table saying "It's time to dye-Easter eggs"  
Egg dye takes a significant amount of time to dissolve and prepare..especially in the eyes of a 1 and 3 year old! 


The finished product!  The Easter Bunny hid these 12 eggs around the house to be found before church, and Parker and Carson found all 12 in record time.  Even the tricky ones!

Egg Hunt

Saturday before Easter we took the boys to Naibi Zoo for their egg hunt.  It was early...like 8:30AM early!  It was also chilly for the day before Easter...
As we were waiting for the "hunt" to begin I randomly looked over and who do I see?  My cousin Brandon's wife and 2 kids!!  It was so good to run into them I made them all pose together for a photo!

 Once the hunt began it was all business!
 Parker was very kind and gave a little boy who didn't have a "golden" egg one of the gold ones he was holding.
He also "conqured" a fear and agreed to let "The Zookeeper" take his photo with him... 
His brother however, that's a different story! 
You will also notice there are no pictures with the Easter Bunny...The "Zoo Keeper" is one thing, but everyone has to draw their line somewhere! 
Grandma/Grandpa Chloe endured the chilly temperatures with us and enjoyed watching the boys run through the zoo!

Last dose of Winter

Well it happened.  I had my first bombardment of: "Mom, can I go to ________ to play after school?"  

This happened as I was literally walking into the babysitter's door to pick the boys up one day after school.  We had just gotten a few more inches of snow the night before and the weather was close to 40.  Perfect for a snow play date.  
Parker had a RIOT on the swings with his buddy!  He was taught how to pump his legs and swing high as he and his friend sang made up superhero songs...priceless! 
Being pulled on the sled is almost as fun as going down hill on one! (and it gave all adults a good workout ;))

I'm glad I accepted this impromptu invitation!  The kids had a ball!

So Big!

Parker has just realized he can now reach the light switches to turn the lights on...all the lights...every light in the house....he think's he's hot stuff.

His brother has also discovered the wonderful world of the bathroom...what is it with boys and the bathroom?  I thought is was funny to see this picture and remember back to when Parker was about the same age....
Strangely similar, yes?

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day brought my dad's 65th birthday.  For his 65th b-day, mom, dad, Justin, Sara and I went to the condo at the lake.  We had a nice visit, and a great time shopping.  Dad and I even braved the lake for a boat ride.  BRRRRR! is all I have to say about that, but I would do it again in a heartbeat! :)
The Original Vancil Family
...we're missing a few people in this photo now.....
 Parker, Carson, and Travis spend some time with Grandma/Grandpa "Chloe" that weekend.
They certainly had the Irish spirit with them! 

They thought it was really cool to spend time in Travis' room and have a slumber party with daddy! Everyone slept all through the night.   
 There was plenty of play time too!
Everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day weekend!