Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Tonight was the opening of Galesburg High School Football.  Over the past 7 years of teaching in the district and dating/marring a football coach, I have become a fan of GHS football....(actually I just like the band) (and the socializing on the sidelines) (and when they score!)

Travis had to be on the sidelines tonight so Parker and I went to hang out at the game.  There is a section off to the side of the bleachers where the HS coaches wives and some of the 205 teaching staff sit in chairs or blankets and then the kids can run around. 
I was a little hesitant to take Parker.  He usually goes to bed around 6:30PM.  The gates to the game didn't open until 6:30 and the game didn't start until 7:30PM. 
Parker and my favorite part...High Ho Silver! (Galesburg's theme song)
Parker was fascinated by the band members walking past.  He was close enough he could have reached out and touched their feathered hats! Emily's daddy did a great job leading the band.  Emily was at the football game too and shared some of her melt aways with Parker!  Thanks Emily!

Parker met one of his friends at the football game.  Grady Hickey.  Grady is only a few weeks older than Parker.  His dad is a football coach and his mom is a 2nd grade teacher at Steele School here in Galesburg. Parker was a bit of a bully to the older, wiser Grady.  Grady did not appreciate it.
After a while the boys played well together and were "talking" about the game and what positions they were going to play when they got older.

Parker was getting a little was quite a bit past his normal bedtime.

Grady was not finding this amusing. 

Parker did watch some of the game and fell asleep promptly on the car ride home at 9:15PM after 1/2 time.
Galesburg won the game by a long shot!  Maybe Parker is their good luck charm!

We are looking forward to many more football games this fall!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tis the season?

It's football time already?
Put me on the line coach!
You decide where to put me and I'll practice reading the "playbook"