Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Trash week in Galesburg has arrived! This is a time where you can put almost anything on your curb and have it picked up at no extra charge. With all of the recent remodeling at our house. Travis took advantage of this week and has been saving for weeks for this exciting time! :)

On Saturday my mom and Jane came down to help unload all of our garbage. They were a big help and made the large task a speedy endeavor. We were able to get all of the garbage out and get our summer lawn furniture out before any wet weather came our way. Thanks mom and Jane!
After all the hard work, Buddy and I thought a much needed nap was in we fell asleep with a minute thirty left in the Bulls first playoff game....which went into over time....
oh well, you know, priorities :)
What you do not see in the above pictures of our garbage are the two four drawer file cabinets, the sink vanity from the bathroom, countless doors from kitchen cabinets and some hardware from the cabinets. Why you ask....
Because of people like this:
This is a dumpster diver. These people roll past our house slowly at dusk and dawn to see if there is any of our garbage they might be interested in. The 2 file cabinets went to someone across the street who at least had the decency to ask, and the vanity went to some contractors. We have also lost 2 sinks, a motion light, and a few light bulbs, however, they left the ceiling fan in which the light bulbs were in.
What is it they say?
One man's trash is another man's treasure????
Happy Galesburg Garbage Week! :)