Saturday, December 13, 2008

A new delicacy

This is a Grennie
This is quite the delicacy to a dog....on a restricted diet...who never gets any love or attention...yeah right on the last part!
Travis' parents were kind enough to send home 2 greenies with us today to see if it is something Buddy might like. It is quite the delicacy as they cost approx. $1.00 a piece. That's a lot for a dog treat! I was unaware of what exactly a greenie was. It is a dog treat somewhat like a bone that is supposed to aide in a dog's digestion and teeth health.
As you all know Buddy is on quite the restricted diet, of which he often tries to stray from by eating anything we leave out or guest might drop....
So tonight we gave him his first greenie....

I think he took him 14 minutes to eat the whole thing. He sniffed the ground for about 5 minutes after looking for more and then promptly fell asleep on the office floor.
For a blurry video of the escapade click here:
Buddy says thank you to Ben and Kay for his rare taste at the finer things in life!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy 2nd Anniversary

December 9, 2006

Two years ago today, Travis and I got married on a very cold Saturday! It's funny how quickly the time goes, but sometimes it seems like no time has passed at all. It's silly the things I can't remember...the big things...but then the little seemingly insignificant things about that day that I do remember....

my brother driving to Galesburg on our wedding day to plow a path at Lincoln Park so we could go and take pictures...none of which came out good because it was too cold! I remember eating McDonald's at my hairdresser's because all of my married friends told me I had to have something to eat. I remember running late getting to the church because my hair took to long and Ashley waving me by her on Main street as she stopped traffic going in the opposite direction. I remember being told I could go into the wait you can't Travis is still there...oh OK now it's OK...oh wait no it's not, and then being shoved into a teeny tiny bathroom until he was gone. I remember my mom crying while she told me how proud my Grandparents would be and how much she loved me. I remember my dad stopping me before we went down the aisle just to have that sweet father/daughter talk. I remember a small strand of snot running down Travis nose while we did our vows making my eyes get huge and then laugh...a finer Misty/Travis moment. And I remember kissing my new Husband 1/2 down the aisle making one of my favorite wedding pictures we have.

Most of all I remember all the love, support, generosity and kindness displayed to us not only during our wedding season, but during the past two years of our marriage. We are so lucky to have such a loving support group.
Today on our Anniversary, we have had a quiet evening, but were able to put up our "wedding tree". Instead of a guest book that we'd put in a closet for years, we had each guest sign a wooden ornament (Great idea Ben!) so we could have a yearly reminder of all the special people who shared in our day. Tonight we put up the tree, the ornaments and talked and laughed over all the people who we had with us on that special day.

What a great anniversary! We are looking forward to many more!

December 7, 2009