Saturday, June 26, 2010

Swimming outside

Today I went swimming outside for the first time at my friend Emily's house. 
It was 100 degrees outside so mom and dad really  wanted to swim with me, but too bad, so sad, only Emily and I got to swim!

This is my friend Emily!  We have fun together! :)

I think I need to swim outside more often...I'm kinda pasty.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Tonight, after the tornado warning, we went to Grandpa Vancil's to go swimming.  Grandpa has been heating the pool for some time now for Parker to come over and we had a great time tonight!
Parker LOVED splashing around.  As he splashed in the pool  he also moved his feet up and down like he was bouncing! His head didn't go under, but it sure did get wet from all the splashing!  He also liked when mom or dad would "push" the water down toward the bottom and create a lot of bubbles to come all around him.  I think we have found a new summer past time!

Thanks Grandpa!  We had a blast!

Night Owl Reading

Tunk, Thunk, Tunk, Thunk,
bah, bah, ma, da da da da, bah, bah, ma, ma da,
Tunk, Thunk, Thunk, Tunk

This is the sound I woke up to this morning.  I thought, it must be almost 5:30AM...Parker's ready for his medicine. 

Tunk, Tunk, Thunk,

So I got up and stumbled into the kitchen, I realized it was darker than it has been at 5:30 AM but I figured it was due to another rain storm going through.

When I looked at the clock imagine my surprise when I saw 3:12 AM!!!  So I made a bottle and started into Parker's room.....still half asleep, when WHACK! I ran right into a clothes basket with my shin....Who does that?  Who leaves a clothes basket in the middle of the hallway!  So naturally, I yelped, which resulted in a bottom lip coming out (of Parker) and the makings of a potential melt down...however, we were able to prevent such a melt down.

So when I did walk into Parker's room this is what I found:  Parker sitting up in his crib, with a softie book that he had grabbed from his toy bin next to his crib, pulled through the rungs, and was "reading" it to us through the monitor...

These pictures are a reenactment of our 3AM shenanigans.  I didn't want to risk hitting my shin again in order to get the camera in the middle of the night!
Parker does sleep in P.J.'s, but he pooped through them this morning, which explains the naked baby photos.

This was one time I wished we had "hidden cameras" in our house, I'm sure the events of this early morning would win us some money on America's Funniest Home Video!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Standing Good Morning!

Good Morning Mom and Dad!
Look what I have learned to do!