Saturday, August 16, 2008

A real life book?!?...

OK, first of all I never meant for this to become a nerdy book worm kinda site...and I swear it's not going to....

However, I did intend for this to show what our lives are like here at home, and as summer quickly fades and the school year looms I find myself cramming the reading material I so enjoy but never have time for during the school year.

So it's Saturday night.....we're 26 and what do we do??????? Watch the Olympics, read and eat leftover pizza....we are a real exciting crowd I tell you! :)

Anyway on my last post remember how I was babbling on about how I sometime...ok ok most of the time get so wrapped up in my books I think they're real? I have found a BLOG that has a REAL honest to goodness western love story! Again, Travis is on the verge of finding me professional help for this "odd" hobby of reading random people's blogs...but I rationalize that this is indeed what blogs were meant for. Right????????????????

Ok so look to the left of my posting....find Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Click! Scroll down to the bottom until on the center right side you see Love Story with a cartoon drawing of a cowboy/cowgirl. Click on the picture!
Go all the way to the bottom to read this real life book...or, er blog by chapter.

I am totally addicted! I was laughing all night long out loud in big bursts! Travis couldn't believe it was coming from a blog. I read the whole stinking thing tonight! It is a continuing story, she's not finished with it yet and I can not WAIT for the next chapter! Take some time, get a glass of tea and settle in....

If you do read it, let me know what you think...I'm interested to know if anyone else is a sappy hopeless romantic like myself.

If you read our blog regularly and are tired of reading about books...have no starts in 8 days after that you'll most likely not see another book posting for quite some time! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tear Jerker....Again....

Ok, so does anyone else just sometimes need a opportunity to cry....I mean not just cry but sob...ok, not sob, but utterly just gut wrenching tears? Me too! Sometimes it happens when I'm really stressed and just need a release, or sometimes it happens just because it hasn't for awhile, and sometimes it happens just because I'm a girl.

If you find yourself in need of a good release of tears read Karen Kingsbury, Ever After. Her books, as I've said before, often get to me and I always say this is my newest favorite...this one isn't my favorite, but man oh man will you cry. I couldn't even tell Travis what was going on during one point tonight.

Someone asked me why I read her books if all I'm going to do is cry. I LOVE her writing because she makes her characters so real. Travis will say, it's O.K. it's not real. But to me, when I'm reading (and sometimes after I'm done) it is real. Her characters and story lines seem to be like people I know, or could know, or things that could, or really do happen to people. I have even "be-friend ed" her characters in the Baxter Series. (Watch out for THAT post in September when the LAST book of the 15 book series comes out!)

Anyway, read Ever's a contemporary novel and quite relevant to today's world.

Krista (my Karen Kingsbury buddy)~I don't have to return the book for another week to the library....let me know if you want it and I'll get it to you this weekend.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Ben!

Today is Ben's (Travis' Dad) birthday! We were so excited to get to share in his birthday celebration! Yesterday Ben and Kay came down to Galesburg and we went to dinner at the Packing House.
After dinner we came home to our house and enjoyed a fire in the fire pit, some ice cream cake from DQ and presents.

Today Travis went and helped celebrate his birthday more by going fishing at one of their favorite spots, Lake George. I was unable to go because of working at Bergner's but I hear it was quite an exciting time. Over 10 fish each were caught, Kay even caught the biggest fish....Travis! She hooked him in the ear! he he he! He's fine by the way....

All of us had a great time celebrating Ben's birthday and we can't wait until the next birthday rolls around. Even Buddy was tuckered out by all the birthday celebrating!

We wish you a Happy, Healthy, fun filled 56th year of life! Happy Birthday Ben (dad)!