Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Carson

How did this precious baby...
Turn into this big 2 year old?

Good Morning Birthday Boy!!
Carson is in the 75th  Percentile for weight, 90th precentile for weight and boy does this photo show how long he is!!!

He got a Thomas the Train ride on for his birthday...
and a day at the zoo with just mommy and daddy!

Look how BIG I am!

We got to do some special things at the zoo that we normally don't.  Carson/Mommy feed the lorakeets.  They weren't shy about coming for their food!

We rode the train, he wasn't so impressed.

And we got to feed the giraffes!! 

Then we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa Chloe's for lunch and a cookie!

We look forward to an evening with our favorite dinner, Spaghetti, green beans, and cottage cheese and some fun outside.  

Happy Birthday Carson!  We love you!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ozarks 2013

We just got back from our 2nd long car trip of the summer!  We went to visit my parents condo in the Ozarks for the first time. 
The drive was long...mostly due to human error.  By human error, I mean a certain mom who thought she would help pass the time by allowing the kids to use dvd players in the car for the first time but not bringing headphones...among other mistakes. 
However once we got there we had a great time.  Both boys and Grandma say their favorite parts were feeding the ducks. These ducks are the boldest ducks I've ever seen.  They flock to the front of mom and dad's place.  It's almost like they know they will be fed! ;)  
They also LOVE dry dog food.  We went though almost an entire small bag of it while we were there.  Between the ducks, turtles, carp, geese, I felt like I was a worker at a smorgasbord buffet.
One duck actually walked onto the deck looking for us/food while we were packing to come home!

Grandpa and my favorite parts were boating!  We started small just a float around the no wake zone in the cove, then ventured out on a morning ride when there was not much traffic and by the time we left for home, we made it all the way across the lake going as Parker would say, "Super hyper warp speed".

A first boat lesson (how and where to honk the horn)

All American boys!

Travis's favorite part was probably fishing, although they didn't catch anything this trip (fish weren't biting on cheese), they now have poles ready for the next trip down. 

We also spent  some time at the pool.  Carson decided he like the pool deck more than the actual pool. 

Parker thought it was hilarious to squirt people with his water guns with his partner in crime "Captain America" or "The Hulk" or Daddy...whoever was closest

During the super hyper warp speed trip Carson wasn't too sure at first, in fact he took a hold to both his daddy's finger and his mommy's.
His brother on the other hand, belly laughed the whole way across the lake. 

This picture just about captures the essence of the "Super Hyper Warp speed trip"

It was a great trip and we look forward to many more extended family vacations at the lake. 


Last week Parker attending his first "offical" VBS!  He has gone since birth while Travis and I help volunteer and last year even got to go to the pre-school on and off to try it out, but this year he was all in. 
He had a little fear over "characters" coming out to visit (a long story ask me about a sloppy joe's dog sometime)
but seemed to survive the week and even sings the songs while in the car.
Parker and one of his Jr. Crew Leaders Norman.  Norman was great!   He wouldn't have made it through the week without him!  We are so grateful!
One of his crafts from the week in "Athens"

Every year the pre-school does some sort of special song/dance on the final night closing.  We were so looking forward to seeing what Parker would present since he's such a little hamball!  Notice the only child NOT singing in the video! 

T-Ball continues...

T-ball continues, so does the learning...and the laughs!
This is how you can often find Parker and the rest of his teammates!  Good thing we have great understanding coaches! :)

Parker Loves, loves, LOVES hitting the ball.  That's all he wants to do out back is hit the balls and have Carson, Travis or I be the "fielder" and bring the balls back to him so he can hit again.  Travis went out and bought him his own Tee and bat.  Man did Parker think he was hot stuff. 
Helping dad put the tee together. 
The first of hopefully many hits from that tee!

This past week we played Parker's best friend's team.  We had long talks about how you will be hitting when Sawyer will be in the field.  You are not to run out to Sawyer, just do your job and you can talk to him after the game, blah, blah, blah....
Look who Parker ran to at 1st base!!!! 

And the 2nd time he hit, guess who was at 2nd base!!! 
Of course I'm sure they were talking T-ball the whole time ;)

Best Buds

The "official" trading card of 2013