Saturday, November 21, 2009

A full nights sleep

Last night was the first night sleeping all night here at our house! We slept all night in our big boy pack and play! Parker slept next to our bed from 9:30PM -5:30AM we were very excited!

Two nights ago this was the only way to get him to sleep in the pack and play.....propped up on a pillow from our bed. He didn't sleep all the way through that night.

This is Parker as I write this. Asleep, flat with no fluffy pillows...however that is a memory foam pad underneath him...ahhhh the comfort measures we'll give our children ;)
He's hoping for another full nights sleep!

Holiday Baking 2009

Mom and I started holiday baking this year early. Last year we were still pulling cookies out of the oven on Christmas eve...not really but almost!
So this year we got things started early! We baked for 8 hours straight today and are about 1/2 done with what we want for baking. Our backs hurt, feet ache and we both probably have new cavities from all the taste testing ;)
We had a great day and I'm in the holiday spirit now. We listened to Christmas music all day long! Did you know 96.1 is now playing all holiday music all the time? It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Below is a picture of some 1/2 finished reindeer suckers! Too CUTE!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Parker's Flowers

Yesterday on my first day back at school, by darling baby boy send me flowers!
Have a great first day back at school Mom! Don't worry about me! I'll see you after school! Love, Parker

They are beautiful and I have smelled the sweet smell of lilies all day long!
I smile and think of him each time I get a whiff!

Monday, November 16, 2009

First Day

Today was my first day back at school and Parker's first day at a non-related babysitter. We are very fortunate to have found such a caring and kind babysitter who watches Parker in her home. Kim and her daughter Renee are great!
Travis and I of course would have much rather stayed home with the little guy, but are happy to have Kim on Mon.-Wed.

This morning when we went to drop him off, Travis handed Parker to me, and I handed him to Kim (after one more snuggle :) ) Parker just hung out like no big deal. And then he saw their dog "Buddy".

Parker instantly light up and gave some smiles and grins. "Don't worry mom and dad! Kim, Buddy and I are going to have fun today! See you after work!"

I think Parker, Kim and "Buddy" are going to be good friends! :)

Thank you to everyone who sent notes, messages, and good thoughts my way today. It was hard, but not unbearable. I have a really great class and Mary Ann did a fantastic job getting them prepared for my arrival as well as the room. I walked in today after 8 weeks being away and just picked up like I had never left. I don't think that usually happens with a Maternity Sub. Mrs. Henderson was a huge part of that as well. I don't know what I'd do with out her!

I was surprised today with a beautiful flower arrangement from Parker around 11AM! I'll post a picture in the morning. This tired mama needs to get some sleep because I have to do it all again tomorrow! Sigh!