Thursday, June 23, 2011


Tonight was my pre-op appointment!  Can you believe that in 3 days Travis and I will walk into the hospital to have a new baby????!!!?? The time has FLOWN by!

This pregnancy has definitely carried differently than Parker.  New baby is much more rambunctious and morphs my stomach often.  It is to the point that it actually hurts now when he moves because he's so big.  I am convinced that this boy will be bigger than Parker's 8 pounds 7 ounces because new guy feels so much heavier!

This is me a week ago at 37 weeks.

 This was me at 40 weeks with Parker right before I left to be induced. 
 I think I'm bigger now at 37 weeks than I was at 40 weeks...geesh...this is going to be a big boy!

Monday morning we go in at 5:30 and the actual C-section will be at 7:30AM.  Baby Jr. will be out and in the world by 7:45AM.  We look forward to sharing the birth details/statistics with all of you later that morning.  We plan to stay 2-3 nights recovering at the hospital and then will be home.  We look forward to introducing little Stecher man to all of you soon!

Happy Father's Day

This Father's Day all the dads of the family had a great weekend! Travis choose to go to Chuckie Cheese with Parker for his Father's Day eve.  Parker conquered his fear of large stuffed animated creatures...remember hop-hop from Easter??
Well, Chuckie Cheese has left his mark on our son.  After some tears and squirming, Parker gave the big guy a high five....for 6 days/nights now we have heard...
"I cheese"
Yes Parker you went to Chuckie Cheese.
"I five" (as he's pointing to the prized hand that he gave the high five with)
Yes Parker you gave him a high five.
Yes Parker then he went through the door.

If you don't acknowledge this you will hear continuous I cheese, I cheese, I cheese until you recognize his accomplishment!

Sunday Morning Travis got to go fishing with his dad and Parker and I went to breakfast with my dad.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera for breakfast so we'll have to get a grandpa Vancil/Parker shot on here soon.

Happy late Father's Day to all the Super Dad's/Granddad's out there, especially Travis, Ben and Pat!
We love you guys!

Basement Makeover

Travis has been working very hard this spring on creating a live able space in the basement for hang out. It will be a great refuge for big brother when little baby Stecher is crying and adjusting to life on the outside!
Here are some before and after photos...the transformation is amazing!


 Travis has become quite the handyman around the house! Great Job Daddy!!! We love our new playroom!