Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Churchill Football

I'm very proud to say I'm a football wife! :)

Travis has coached the Churchill Blue Streak for 5 seasons now. This is his first season as head 8th grade coach. Something I'm quite proud of, and I'm sure he's quite modest about.

Stretching before the Lombard/Churchill Game

Running Plays before the game

Last Tuesday he finished his season. This was a special season because he's coached this group of kids for 2 seasons, last year as head 7th grade coach and this year as head 8th grade coach.
The kids really connected to Travis' coaching style and he really connected with all of them.
Although the last game of the season against the other Galesburg Jr. High didn't turn out quite as we had planned, I must say that Travis and his guys were the true winners. Travis made sure that each player got sufficient playing time. This was the first game they have ever played at the H.S. field, and it was "under the lights" during a night game. What an experience for a 13/14 year old boy. Travis knew that it was important for all the guys to feel a part of the team on that special night. And no, they didn't win, but they also didn't result to shady football shenanigans. Both Jr. High teams will soon be on the same team if they choose to continue on in their football careers. Travis did what was needed to show the guys how to play hard, but with dignity and honor to the school system and most importantly to the game.
Big decisions for a big game
I am proud to be a football wife, and super proud of my football husband coach!

Left: Coach Sutton/Asst. 8th grad coach
Middle: Coach Rasso/Head 7th grade coach
Right: Coach Stecher/Head 8th grade coach

Travis, although sad to loose his "guys" is grateful to be enjoying some time to get caught up in the classroom especially with conferences around the corner. He is also enjoying catching up on Wii football and today was the start of the NBA basketball season, so don't fret friends Travis has plenty to keep him busy.