Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

First Egg Hunt

Today was Parker's first Easter Egg Hunt.  My mom's workplace hosts an egg hunt every year and she invited us to come.

Parker's first egg. 

There was a separate area for 3 and under which was nice and Daddy was smart enough to pick Parker up and carry him out in the courtyard some to avoid the distraction of the crowd.

Egg goes in here. 
Look I can shake it! 
How many do I have?  One, two, three... 
Grandma, I made out like a bandit!

Parker even found a "prize" egg and won a basket full of goodies...of which mom and dad dove into as soon as we got in the car ;)

Thanks Grandma!  We had lots of fun!

Hop Hop

Yesterday my mom had to pick up a rabbit suit for her workplace.  She thought it would be cute if she came over to the house to meet Parker....I thought this would be a great photo op.  Then I thought it would be HILARIOUS to scare Travis, so I didn't tell him she was coming by.
Mom texted that she needed 5 minutes and she was in front of the neighbors house.  I called down to Travis who was working in the basement to come up and watch Parker so I could start dinner.  I was hoping to have them both in the living room when she "hopped' by the window. 
Parker was watching the Wiggles in the living room, Travis was in the bathroom washing his hands, and I was in the kitchen turning the camcorder on trying to to chuckle at my funny moment coming up...Suddenly we hear a scream/cry and a pitter patter of feet come running through the hall. 
Mom was EARLIER than 5 minutes and caught Parker in the living room by himself while she was dancing about in front of our picture window.  Travis comes out of that bathroom saying what's going you know who that is?  Do you know who that is? he's ready to chase the rabbit down the street. 
I'm cracking up and Parker is clinging to Travis for dear life crying.
It didn't go exactly as planned.
So I let the hop-hop in.  Parker was none to pleased by this and would not let go of Travis.  Even after we took the mask off and showed Parker that is was Grandma, he wanted nothing to do with her.  In a last ditch effort before we helped grandma out of the suit I tried to have Travis stand near the rabbit.   
Poor bunny was quite rejected...notice the death grip on Travis' shirt!

Once Grandma had left the rest of the evening Parker went to the front window saying "Hop-hop?"  "Hop-hop?"  He wanted to know when the next rabbit would come popping up in our window!

The very first thing he said this morning when he woke up was "hop-hop?" and he came running to the front window...I'd say that Hop-Hop made quite an impression.