Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Results are in...

Parker slept in his room all night!  Horray!  He did wake up at 1:30am to eat.  He took a bottle in his room and went right back to sleep in his room!  He didn't wake up again until 6:15AM. 

Mom, however, did not sleep!  I had nightmares all night long!  At one point Travis had to get up, check on Parker, check to make sure there weren't any scary people hiding in our shower, and check to make sure the doors were locked.  So even though Parker slept well, his parent's did not!

Tonight we'll try for more cereal to curve that middle of the night appetite, and hopefully mom and dad will sleep better too!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Letting Go

Today was a great day off!  Parker had a great doctor appointment for his 4 month check up.  He's doing great!  We got the OK to start cereal and that was fun to try.  We also went shopping and bought several new toys for Parker!
Today also brings our first experience at "Letting Go".  Tonight Parker is sleeping in his nursery alone. 
Most people have told me that Parker should have been doing this long ago, however, I loved having him right next to us in the bedroom.  It made it convient to check on him or to listen to him breathe or watch his little chest rise up and down so peacefully.  I know he is growing up and I'm thankful to have such a healthy baby who is able to sleep in his own room.  I am also thankful to be able to give him his own bedroom.  However, I also know that all too soon Paker will really be a "big boy" and I want to cherish each minute we have with him as a baby.   

Parker is big enough now that when he moves in his sleep he rocks the pack and play and I think it's waking him up so he's not getting as restful of sleep as he should. This was the biggest determining factor in moving him to his own room. I was tempted to sleep in his room tonight, but I am going to refrain. If he wakes up too many times, he might just have to return to our room for the night :) So tonight Travis and I are letting go. Probably the first of many times we have to let go to help make him a fine big boy!

Parker's empty Pack and Play and the monitor is on and turned WAY up!

Parker in his crib at 9:45PM....we'll see if he's still there in the morning!

Rice Cereal

Tonight we got to give Parker cereal for the first time...

Hmmmm... I don't what I think about that guys!

I fit great in my high chair!  Thanks Cathy and Jane!

More went on Parker's shirt than in his mouth.  He wasn't quite sure what to think.  But we'll try again tomorrow night. YUMMY!