Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Summer Play Date

Last summer we went to lots of play dates and had a great time!  So I offered to host the first play date of the summer assuming I won't be up for it in a few weeks ;)
Today was the day and after a week of clouds, rain, and storms it was beautiful!
Parker was lucky to have 4 friends and "baby" come to his house to play today for a few hours.

Parker even figured out that his teeter-totter Grandma Vancil bought him is great fun when there is other kids his size! :)

All the kids loved the turtle sandbox Grandma Stecher bought for Parker...not sure if they had more fun playing in the sand or putting the sand in the grass!   Parker was even brave enough to put his toes in the sand barefoot!  Usually he doesn't like sand or dirt, or anything on his feet!

There was even time with baby Lucas.  Parker was quite enamored by him.  Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come for our family in the near future!
We hope to host again in the near future!  I think everyone had a great time!

Handy Helper

This morning when I was at my doctors appointment Daddy and Parker got the baby bed ready in our bedroom. Travis said Parker was quite the helper. In fact when Trav set up the pack and play Parker started to say nigh-night, nigh-night...because when he is at Kim's he naps in the pack and play. So Travis put Parker in the pack and play and boom, Parker laid down. He didn't stay down long though! :) He wanted to help. He was not impressed by the infant liner and bed that went into "his" pack and play.

 What is this?  This does not belong in my pack and play!

Who's in there?

I can help change the diapers.  I'll be a big helper!
Or...maybe I'll just lay around and play! :) 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Night 4 VBS

Night 4 at Vacation Bible School went smooth! Parker was excited to start the opening music.

He and Daddy patiently waited while I took some pictures of the VBS crews. 

Parker helped Dad set up games outside for the kids to play.

He was spoiled by the snack service ladies getting his own cup of sprinkles to eat at 7PM!

He was allowed to come in and out of the pre-school classes and even colored a picture of Jonah and the whale.  He was quite upset when it was time to put the crayons away but his new pre-school buddies took good care of him.
Looking forward to tomorrow night!

VBS games

After a day at daycare playing with friends, rushing home to change clothes and heading out the door Parker wasn't too sure about being away from Mom and Dad last night.  He wanted to be with one of us or Renee...the regular nursery attendant and daycare provider...who happens to be helping with preschool this year instead of being in the nursery.
Needless to say it wasn't as smooth going as I thought it would be...but once we got Parker out to where the kids were playing and running he had a great time.  He ran with the big kids not realizing that at any moment he could be trampled, and even "played" the game with the kids giving them his panda/manda to unfreeze them during Panda tag. 

We were very proud of him especially with him being so tired.  We'll try again tonight and see how it goes...
if all else fails mommy and Parker will head back out to games with dad!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vacation Bible School

This week is VBS at church.  Travis and I are both helping out.  Myself, all week, and Travis starting tonight through the end of the week.  Last night Travis and Parker came for opening and stuck around for a little while to do a dry run on tonight.  We wanted to see how he would do at opening and how he would react with Aimee watching him.  Aimee is not the regular nursery attendant so we wanted to give him warm up time! :)
Parker and Levi, the youngest VBS ers.   
The VBS front stage.  Travis helped by free handing the pandas that are popping up everywhere.  Parker made sure everyone knew about it last night saying, "Daddy, manda, manda, Daddy" and pointing the the panda's that Travis drew. 

He was AWESOME during opening.  He loved hanging out with the pre-schoolers up front and being able to dance with the music and watch all the people.  Travis and I stayed back several pews to see what he would do and he just laughed and played and danced like it was his thing! 

He enjoyed it so much that when Aimee tried to take him out before all the crews left he got to the bottom of the stairs and promptly turned around and tried to crawl back up the stairs...he didn't want to miss out on anything.  When the kids had left for their stations and he was taken to the nursery he was bummed...not because he was in the nursery but because he knew his "friends" were somewhere else.  When Travis took him home Parker kept saying "its over" "is it over" very sadly. 
Tonight he will spend the whole evening there and probably spend some more time with the pre-schoolers...since he's so mature...he he he!