Friday, February 27, 2009

Round 2

Buddy 2: Us 0
Yesterday I stepped it up a notch, instead of just the 2 chairs, I put a brand new gallon of paint on each chair to weight it down. I'll be dog gonned if he wasn't waiting by the front door AGAIN!

Today, I got smarter still! (with the help of Travis and Kay) I put the gate on the inside of the kitchen door, used a chair and a gallon of paint! Let's see him get out of THAT!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Buddy is our resident Houdini. I have often wrote about how he climbs tables, or gets into cupboards or gets things off the counter but today was an all time high.

Buddy has been going to the bathroom in the house while we've been at school. Travis has finally had enough and said Buddy needed to be put in the kitchen with a baby gate up while we are at school.

This morning before school I gave Buddy fresh food and water and moved his pillow bed into the kitchen. I then put the baby gate up. He has been known to push the gate over so I secured the area with two chairs on each side so he wouldn't "escape". I made sure all the remaining cabinets in the kitchen were closed tightly so he wouldn't get any food and quickly left the house to a crying "puppy".

When we returned from school today I had Travis go inside first. I didn't want to see the mess or the sad puppy dog eyes that would greet us. When Travis opened the door there was Buddy, not in the kitchen, but laying in front of the door to greet us just like he always does at 3:30ish.

Here's the crime scene.
The view from inside the kitchen looking out. Apparently the view in which our dog did not appreciate.
This is where the baby gate still stands. This is all of 6 inches in which our little Houdini escaped from. Buddy has been putting on the pounds so it's crazy that he actually fit through here. However, where there's a will......there's Buddy.

This is Buddy lapping up the water in which he was deprived all day by his little escape plan. Perhaps he didn't think his plan all the way through now did he?

We, the detectives are left with the following questions?

  • How long did it take for him to escape?
  • How many times did he have to push at the gate to get through?
  • Did he get caught up on anything?
  • How will he try to escape tomorrow?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No Smoking Please!

So I've told most people I know that the couple who owned this house before us were GROSS! They must have been a 2 pack a day each, never opened a window to air it out, smoking couple. When we moved into the house it reeked of cigarette smoke. We tore up the carpet, painted all the ceilings, walls, and redid all the woodwork in an attempt to rid ourselves of that horrible smokey smell.

Over time in the bathroom and above the stove where steam is often touching the walls/ceiling the nicotine will seep through. In the bathroom we have painted twice, used Kilz once and it still seeps through. YUCK! However, in the kitchen knowing we would someday re-do it we never painted or primed.

Tonight, Travis and I were working in the kitchen trying to wipe all the ceiling/walls down in order to prime them tomorrow. I had just started wiping the ceiling. In a housekeeping confession, I don't usually wash the ceilings of our house. I'm hoping that's not to uncommon and most of you don't wash your ceilings either, but anyway, I digress. So I'm wiping the ceilings, I've made literally 5 up and back passes, so 10 strokes over a small area and this is what my rag looked like.

Keep in mind that we've lived in this house for 4 years and neither one of us smoke, nor do we allow people to smoke in our home.

Do you need more of a reason not to smoke?