Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Home Stretch

The counter top is IN!!! Wah HOO! Travis' dad is on vacation this week and graciously offered to come down today when we were at school and tie up some loose ends. Then, when Travis came home they worked on getting the counter top in. It looks GREAT!

Counter top (in the dark, with out under cabinet lights on)

Counter top (in the dark WITH under cabinet lights on)

The kitchen (in the dark) with new counter tops, cabinets, paint, sink, window
Travis said, "It doesn't even look like our house" :)
The only things left to do are: The floor, a toe kick (a finishing piece under the cabinets), window/door trim, and putting the new fridge in. Trav thinks he can do the floor so we'll be on the hunt for flooring soon!
We'll keep you updated!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Growing Belly

Many of you have asked for belly pictures. YIKES!
So tonight we took the newest pictures, only I didn't realize I had this shirt on (borrowed from my dear friend Nicole) the last time we took belly photos! I guess I really like it! Thanks Nicole!
Anyway, I'll make sure the next time we take photo's I'm in something different so you can really "see" the difference.
8 weeks
12 weeks
16 weeks
23 weeks
The belly at 23 weeks!
I have offically grown 9 DVD's from 8 weeks to now :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dad's first projects

Travis has been busy! He has begun putting things together for the baby. He has tried to guess how many things he will put together in his lifetime for this child and so far the number is 3 and growing!
We purchased our baby bedding online and when it came there was a mobile to be put together. I was all about the bedding, but "dad" was all about putting together the mobile. Item #1.

We're going with a "sheep" theme! :)

Last week Travis' folks dropped off their baby present to us. A car seat/stroller travel system. Tonight we were able to dig into the box and see what it contained. Travis set right to work trying to put it together (without reading the directions!) and was greatly successful! Item number 2 and 3!
Buddy's not quite sure what this contraption is.....he's not sure he approves!
The final product!