Thursday, October 9, 2008

Alieve Cold and Sinus

I have been miserable with a sinus infection/cold for the past 2 days. Today or rather yesterday I finally purchased some Alieve Cold and Sinus. It has worked marvelously! I was able to work all day with no complaints, and debated on whether to take another dose before bed. Wanting to ensure a restful night with no sniffling, I took another pill..............

It is 2:29 AM and I am WIDE AWAKE! I have been awake for an hour and a half! I have tried everything! Just laying there, using the restroom, counting backward from 100 (twice), I've watched TV for a half hour, and now I'm here posting about my sleeplessness! Argh!
I wish I would be this awake at 8:40AM when I have 23 six and seven year olds bouncing through the door after they have had a full nights sleep!
I know I'm going to be soooooooo tired tomorrow, but who knows maybe after I take my next Alieve at 10AM, I'll be set to go.

Moral of the Alieve cold and sinus when you're sick, DO NOT take it at bed time!

I hope all of you are having sweet, restful dreams!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Family Fun 101

Today we had my extended family to our house for a Vancil Fall Family cookout. Aunt Peggy and Uncle Mike and part of their family came down to our house for the first time since we've lived here. I always enjoy getting together with this side of the family because it reminds me of when we would get together almost weekly at our Grandparents cabin at the lake in Alpha. Today Aunt Peggy and Uncle Mike (my dad's sister and brother in law), Brandon and Mandie (my cousin and his wife) were able to make it. My other cousin Amber and her family were unable to attend. Also coming to join the fun were mom, dad, Jane, Justin and his girlfriend Stormie, and her little boy Rhylie. We had a lot of fun catching up. I think the last time we were all together was almost a year ago at a wiener roast at my dads!

We had a beautiful day with warm temps. and a nice breeze! We grilled pork chops, brats, and hot dogs and everyone brought yummy food! We played bags, and golf ball toss and I chased Rhylie around the yard, and he chased Buddy! (Buddy is a trooper!) (and it wouldn't be a cook out if Buddy didn't steal some sort of he managed a hot dog of the table when no one was looking and 1/2 a pumpkin pie while people were loading their cars!)

We also received blissful news that I am going to be a cousin again! Brandon and Mandie are expecting their first baby in June. Travis and I are very excited for them!

Hopefully we will all get together again before Christmas, but with everyone's busy schedules I am content with getting to enjoy today!

The new mom and dad, Brandon and Mandie along with Aunt Peg.
Justin, Jane, and Stormie
My new buddy, Rhylie. We played a lot today...I'm pooped!
Mom and Jane (thanks for the cake Jane...YUM!)